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Welcome to BORACAY GO, your vacation package specialist, where you will find listings to over 300 beautiful Boracay hotels and resorts all located on the beautiful tropical island of Boracay, here in the Philippines. Our Boracay Go website is brought to you by WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. one of the Philippines most trusted and recognized travel and tour companies in the Philippine Islands. Here at Boracay Go our primary focus is on you, our valued visitor and guest, we strive to bring to you the most extensive hotel and resort listings for Boracay Island, and with each hotel listed here, having in depth information created by our travel agents, that also includes both pictures and video.

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We Are All About Boracay Island

Boracay Island PhilippinesFor those of you who may not have heard about this small tropical paradise called Boracay, it’s located in the south China sea of the western Visayas region, and is the most visited of the Philippines 1,107 tropical islands. Boracay is visited now each year by some 1.5 million tourist, who travel here from all around the globe from far away countries just to bask under the golden rays of sun that make it’s 2.5 mile long white sand beach just shimmer.

It’s truly the main Boracay White Beach that makes this sunny paradise such a special place for any family vacation or the perfect spot for a couple’s romantic holiday. Once our guest arrive on the island of Boracay they quickly realize what a special place this is, after all you have a choice of 13 fantastic white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving and so much more.

Boracay Island is the holiday destination choice for every discerning traveler looking for a unique vacation place that offers warm sunshine, and the softest and whitest sandy beach in Asia, if not the world.


Choice of 350 Boracay Island Hotels and Beach Resorts

Boracay Hotels ResortsFor many tourist who first hear about Boracay, and are told that it’s a small tropical island, many have the thought of, what will I do there, or where will I stay! Well, let’s put your mind to rest about these issues very quickly, although it is true that Boracay is a small island, there also happens to be over 350 Boracay Resorts and Hotels here, so finding you a room, will not be an issue.

Whatever type of beach resort or island hotel you are looking for, we can assure our visitors that it exist here on Boracay, choose from accommodations like nice native cottages created from native bamboo, or even choose a lovely beach-front hotel that offers total luxury with lavish amenities and 5 star facilities not to mention great views of the beach and Sulu Sea.

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Boracay backpackers and budget conscience travelers are also in luck, because here on Boracay you will find many small hotels owned and managed by Filipino’s who grew up here, and they take great pride in providing wonderful room accommodations to both fellow Filipino’s and foreign guest at rates that are cheap. Lets be sure to stress that cheap does not mean low quality or even unsafe, quite to the contrary here on Boracay, cheap rates mostly indicates that many high end amenities may not be available, however some tourist just prefer to have a simple bed, fan and that it.


350 Excellent & Cheap Boracay Vacation Packages

Boracay Vacation PackagesHere at BORACAY GO you will find over 300 of the best Boracay Packages and promo deals found anywhere on the internet, in fact WOW Philippines Travel Agency was the very first travel agency to list over 350, 3 Day and 2 Night Boracay Hotel Packages on a website, that included both rates and current validity rates for travel.

Our Boracay Go Packages have been created by our own professional in-house travel agents, who have been creating feature packed travel packages for Boracay since 2005, and with thousands of happy clients in our portfolio.

Every Boracay vacation package created by us comes with the following; miễn phí welcome drinks upon arrival to your chosen Boracay beach resort or hotel, free daily breakfast with select resorts, a one-time free all you can eat dinner Búp Phê served on the famous Boracay beach, free land and sea transfers from either the Caticlan Airport or the Kalibo International Airport.

Unlike other online travel agencies we go even a step further, we here at WOW Philippines Travel Agency also pay in advance for you, the Cagban Beach Jetty Port entrance fee and the Boracay Island Environmental fee, and yes, all hotel and resort services charges are included along with the VAT, Philippines value added tax, completely hassle free, just the way your family vacation should be.


13 Beautiful White Sand Beaches on Boracay

Beautiful Boracay BeachesWhat may surprise many tourist who come to Boracay is that here they will find 13 beautiful Boracay beaches all covered in the whitest and softest sand found anywhere in the Philippines or possibly even all of Asia. The main Boracay beach that caters to the majority of tourist lays on the western shore of Boracay Island, and stretches from the end of Diniwid Beach all the way down to boat station 3, located on the southwestern end of the island.

The next most popular beach for tourist is Bulabog Beach, (pictured to the left) and is located on the east side of Boracay and at the island’s center, directly across from the popular Boracay boat station 2.

Here on Bulabog beach (pictured to the right) you will find this beach to be the island’s windsurfing and kite boarding hangout for the diehard enthusiast who love this thrilling and exciting sport, with many of the kite-boarding and wind-surfers spending endless hours racing back and forth along the eastern shore, enjoying the wonderful northeastern winds that provide them with strong winds for hours of fun and excitement.

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200 Restaurants and Small Boutique Shops

Boracay RestaurantsD Boracay Mall is also a very popular hangout for Boracay tourist, here at the very center of the island in Boracay station 2 you will find a plethora of small boutique shops that sell all types of unique items that make perfect souvenirs to remember your Boracay vacation.

One of the things that surprises most tourist is the many, over 200 restaurants found here on the island of Boracay, serving everything from simple native Filipino dishes like chicken Adobo to extravagant international cuisines, all of which are excellently prepared by culinary experts from different countries.

Fresh seafood however is the number one sought after food here on Boracay, almost all of the seafood found here on the island of Boracay comes from the oceans that surround the Philippines Islands. For example many of the clams, mussels and oysters come from Mindanao, in fact Davao is the number one importer of oysters that are raised at the Pearl Farm in Davao, so they are not only fresh, they are absolutely delicious.


Beach Bars and Nightclubs

Boracay Bars & NightclubsOver the years Boracay Beach Philippines has become a mecca young people looking to party at some of the islands most trendy bars and nightclubs.

The majority of the Boracay bars are located along the main white beach which is located on the west side of the island, and starts in boat station 1 at the Club Paraw and continues all the way to boat station 3 to the Red Pirates Bar.

Most of these beach bars and Boracay nightclubs play the latest music trends, and try mostly to appeal to ages between 18 and 30, if you love music, ice cold beer and dancing, then it’s the Boracay nightlife you are looking for.


So Many Fun Boracay Water Activities

Boracay ActivitiesThere is no shortage of fun when you are vacationing on Boracay, when it comes to Boracay activities you can do just about anything here, there is every water sport available, jet-ski, water-ski, snorkeling, scuba diving, para-sailing, flyfish, banana boat ride, then there is island hopping to Crystal Cove Island.

You can also enjoy sail boating, yacht sailing, horseback riding, or take an exciting ride on a 4-wheel all terrain vehicle, or you can do what so many tourist do, just lay out on the white sandy beach, and do nothing at all.

For the few vacationers on the island of Boracay who may choose not to engage in the many water sport activities, there are also some fun things to do at D Mall in Boracay. D Mall offers a nice seventy foot (70) tall Rock Wall for climbing, there are also some arcade games, a small Ferris Wheel, as-well-as shopping.

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 Sight-Seeing & Way Cool Boracay Attractions

Cool Boracay Attractions like Willy's RockFor a small island, Boracay also has some really cool attractions, for instance, there is Willy’s Rock which is a large lava shaped rock that sits on the beach in Boracay station 1, here you will see hundreds of tourist visit Willy’s Rock daily, just to have a nice picture as a Boracay souvenir.

Other fun Boracay attractions include the Bat Cave, which is located at the northeastern end of the island, also in this area are the Flying Foxes, which are large fruit eating bats that have a face that resembles that of a fox.

For the tourist who love to explore, there is Crocodile Island on the east side of Boracay, also there is Tablas Island where you can do some cliff diving, and then there is Crystal Cove Island where you can do some cave exploring.

Other Boracay attractions that are more subtle, however still very impressive, are Puka Shell Beach located on the north end of Boracay Island, it’s here that you can enjoy a pure white sand beach that has not hotels or resorts, and provides simplicity and solitude. One of the last attractions to be seen on Boracay a the sunsets, they can be impressive, so be sure to not miss this, it’s a great way to end the day.


Flights to Boracay from Manila & Cebu

Air Asia PhilippinesWhen it comes to your vacation in Boracay you have a couple of different travel mode choices, you can visit the island by ship, or airplane, however by ship is cheaper and takes longer, as most travelers choose to fly to Boracay. From Manila to Boracay there are several flights available daily, from different domestic airlines, including, Philippines Airlines, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Phil Air Express.

There are two airports that serve Boracay Island; there is the small Caticlan Airport that has a flight time of 45 to 50 minutes from Manila, then it’s onto a pump-boat that will take you across the Tabon Strait to Cagban Beach, the islands main jetty port for tourist and residents.

For more flights to Boracay you can also choose the Kalibo International Airport which is located about 1.5 hours from the town of Caticlan. From Manila to Kalibo the flight time is also about 45 to 50 minutes, the planes are larger jets, offering more comfort, and these flights are generally priced cheaper than flights from Manila to Caticlan.


Go, Go, Go, Boracay Go!

So, if you are ready for your Boracay vacation to start now, just click here on contact us to get your holiday started, we promise to do our very best in creating a hassle free package for your Boracay trip, and we are certain that you will have the very best time in Boracay, so why wait, Go, Go, Go,Boracay Go!


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