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Crowd1.com.Login – Crowd1 Office in Nigeria,FAQ and Registration process

Crowd1.com.Login – Crowd1 Office in Nigeria,FAQ and Registration process. Looking for Crowd1.com Login page in Nigeria ? as well as all the necessary information like  Crowd1 Office in Nigeria,FAQ, Registration process and how to make money with crowd1 ? This page will guide you completely.


Before proceeding, let us confirm and authenticate the veracity of Crowd1 business model by ascertaining if crowd1 is Legit or  a scam…

To ascertain if crowd1.com login is legit or a fraudulent pyramid company, we had to visit trustpilot and get few customers reviews, and the result was extremely poor affirming that crowd1 seems to be illegal  with some element of scam. Some customers who have been so ruined by the fraudulent scheme lamented  bitterly.

According to one, crowd1 is completely hoax and illegal as well as Immoral  and fraudulent and unregulated at the same time. He also insisted that crowd1 is harmful for the society. He finally advised the general public not to engage  in the scheme by any means.

Kindly test the screenshot below;

Crowd1 is a tiếp thị platform that adopts the business strategy of crowd tiếp thị which involves the suggestion of a product, service, etc., to an audience.

As a sales strategy, crowd tiếp thị aims to draw the audience’s attention to the product or service. Veritably, Crowd1 hides under the pretext of its “claim to educate people” as a way of recruiting members into its programme.

Also, the platform claims to provide members with “world class crowd marketing” training in the area of real estate. While Crowd1 poses Grithub as the website for enrolling in the said training, it is quite unfortunate that in plain reality, Grithub does not provide any relevant information on the training.

By deep observation, it is clear that Crowd1 does not offer any service/product or equip members with any training. Instead, it basically adopts the concept of crowd tiếp thị in recruiting people and make money through their membership subscriptions.

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Crowd1 boasts a collection of gaming and gambling apps but contrary to its claim, the platform does not render any tangible “training” or “education” service.

Why Does Crowd1 Look Similar to Pyramid Schemes?

One of the conceptions some people hold is that Crowd1 is a pyramid scheme. Crowd1 isn’t a pyramid scheme from a technical aspect but the platform’s similarity to pyramid schemes lies in its failure to identify any products or training on its sales page or other relevant website section.

In clearing the doubt as to whether Crowd1 is a pyramid scheme, it is essential to define what a pyramid scheme is.

Put simply, a pyramid scheme is a company whose sole focus is to make money through a huge network of recruited members. Therefore, the company recruits people who are persuaded to recruit more people so that they can be rewarded. Oftentimes, pyramid schemes do not render any actual service or offer any tangible product. Instead, they tend to earn existing members’ commitment by promising them future payments for the new members recruited through them.

Pyramid schemes are usually hard for their founders to sustain because in the long run, they’re very likely to recruit more people than they can afford to pay. Just as observed in pyramid schemes, Crowd1 does not provide its members with any tangible product or service. By reason of this, some reviewers hold the belief that Crowd1 might be a pyramid scheme which has chosen to hide its through identity under the camouflage of “real estate training”.

Crowd1’s Entry Options

Becoming a Crowd1 thành viên does come at a cost and this cost varies depending on your chosen entry option. While Crowd1 maintains four entry options for recruiting people, you can expect to pay between 99 euros and 2,499 euros (depending on your preferred entry option) to become a thành viên. Below is a list of Crowd1’s entry options and the fees attached to them:

  1. Titanium –2,499 euros
  2. Gold –799 euros
  3. Black –299 euros
  4. White –99 euros
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Making Money with Crowd1: Knowing Crowd1’s Compensation Plan

The idea of making money with Crowd1.com.login is realistic and the platform adopts a binary compensation plan. If you really cherish the idea of making money with Crowd1, you should note that the various entry options offer different earning capabilities.

Making Money with Crowd1: Knowing Crowd1’s Compensation Plan
Making Money with Crowd1: Knowing Crowd1’s Compensation Plan

Notably, the breakdown of Crowd1’s compensation plan is that there are 6 different ways you can earn money via recruiting people into the platform.

Network levels: this is a kind of promotion that you earn for recruiting more people into Crowd1. Specifically in this case, you’ll be rewarded with 100,000 binary points.

Streamline bonus: this bonus comes once on a weekly basis and fetches you “exclusive limited owner rights”. You’re considered entitled to this bonus for having recruited people after joining.

Tiếp thị liên kết residual: this refers to the commission you earn through the money that your recruits expend in the course of using Crowd1’s gaming and gambling resources.

Fear of loss bonus: you earn this bonus for recruiting 4 members in your first two weeks on the platform. Basically, the breakdown of this bonus is the sums of 3,000 euros (for recruiting 4 members entering via Titanium) 1000 euros (for recruiting 4 members entering via Gold), 375 euros (for recruiting 4 members entering via Black) and 125 euros (for recruiting 4 members entering via White).

Matching bonus: for you to qualify for this benefit –which rewards you with a 10% bonus on the members you recruited –you must have gone up to 5 levels deep in recruiting a minimum of 4 people. This, alternatively, implies that for you to go as high as 5 levels deep, you must have recruited 20 people and subscribed to the Titanium plan.

Tiếp thị liên kết bonus: this comes as a reward (varying from 9 euros to 900 euros) which you earn on a recruited person. You should note that your level and the package purchased by your recruit determine what you’ll get as tiếp thị liên kết bonus

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Pros of Crowd1

  • It’s possible to make money with Crowd1 –although Crowd1 adopts gimmicks very similar to those of pyramid schemes, you’re very likely to make money with the platform. Frankly however, you’ll have to recruit more people and purchase one of the high packages (such as Titanium) so that you can have a considerable earning potential.
  • Crowd1 is gaining grounds in Google searches –there’s no doubt that Crowd1 has recently garnered a substantial increase in its Google searches. Considering that increased Google searches likely attract people to something, it becomes quite easy for a Crowd1 thành viên to market the platform to new people and win over their attention.

Cons of Crowd1

  • Recruiting people looks like the only way you can make money with Crowd1 –you shouldn’t consider Crowd1’s “education” or gambling apps as opportunities for you to make money on the platform. Convincingly, recruiting people is the only way you can considerably monetize your use of Crowd1. This, likely, is one of the reasons for some people’s argument that Crowd1 is a pyramid scheme
  • The unfounded products and/or services –Crowd1 evidently hides behind the curtains of its “education” and gambling apps to trick people into believing that it offers some products or services. In plain reality, the platform does not offer any tangible service/product that members can sell outside of it.
  • Conclusion

Hopefully, Vương Quốc Đồ Ngủ this review article has helped you find out lots of essential information about Crowd1. While Crowd1 may not be a pyramid scheme, you should still note that the platform requires you to recruit more and more people if you really hope to make money with it.


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