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Explore Cat Ba Island with A Halong Bay Cruise Trip

Each year, plenty of foreign tourists visit Cat Ba Island to enjoy its stunning scenery and gradually, grow fond of exploring the island on a Halong Cất cánh Cruise . Is this the best way to discover the island’s beauty? Let’s see what to expect during a Halong Cất cánh tour from Cat Ba.

Generally known, Cat Ba Island is one of the 367 islands that comprise the Cat Ba Archipelago. For ages, the island itself has constituted a neighbor of Halong Cất cánh due to the short distance (about 19.6 km) and similarities between them. However, not as crowded a tourism spot as its neighbor, Cat Ba remains a more tranquil and peaceful scenery.

Each year, there comes a great number of tourists, some of whom want to experience a cruise tour around the island in order to deeply discover the whole beauty of Cat Ba.

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island, a shining pearl among the sea

In fact, every Halong Cất cánh cruise tour also tenders a visit to Cat Ba Island, which might be of great convenience, but as previously mentioned, cruises departing from the cất cánh seem too crowded for people to thoroughly enjoy their vacation. Meanwhile, those from Cat Ba are a bit less busy, as most of them are luxury 5 or 4-star cruises. This would be ideal for a fully relaxing and non-disturbance vacation. During the Halong Cất cánh tour from Cat Ba, you can still experience typical amusing activities, including staying at Cat Ba town, joining a cruise to Lan Ha cất cánh, walking or cycling in Viet Hai village, having a picnic lunch, swimming, or rowing a kayak …

If you are interested in the idea but don’t know what to expect in a Halong – Cat Ba tour, please keep reading as the information below can help.

What to expect on a Cat Ba Island Cruise? 

Apparently, there isn’t a standard itinerary for all the cruises, which means you have to get to know about each and think twice to choose one that meets your demand. However, the problem seems to be solved. Regardless of all the differences, every cruise has something in common which has been carefully compiled by BestPrice Travel and is presented to you in the typical itinerary of the Halong cruise to Cat Ba.

Halong Bay Cruise from Cat Ba

A Halong Cất cánh Cruise from Cat Ba 

Day 1

The first day of a Cat Ba cruise tour is primarily about the transportation, way to get to the island, check-in process, along small sightseeing and leisure activities.

Start the trip

On the morning of the due date, the company’s limousine will pick you up from Ha Noi Old Quarter and start a road journey via the 5B highway to reach Ha Long city. After about 2,5 hours of transferring, you will arrive at the check-in area to complete the check-in process and procedures.

All being done, there will be a transfer to the boat followed by a small “welcome aboard” party, in which you can savor a drink hoping your trip would be so amazing as the drink’s taste, while the cruise briefing and safety instruction is presented.

After that, test into your cabin and the journey begins.

Lan Ha Cất cánh – the first spot of Ha Long – Cat Ba tour

As the cruise sets sail, a splendid lunch is due to be served in a dining room or a restaurant. Gradually, Lan Ha Cất cánh manifests itself with hundreds of large and small islands, creating such a primitive scene that goes well with the tasty dishes. Though known as a part of the complex of Halong Cất cánh, Lan Ha is embraced by Cat Ba National Park. With hundreds of pristine limestone mountains and beautiful beaches, the cất cánh gives tourists the impression of exclusive scenery. Here, a bunch of thrilling experiences is available such as swimming, kayaking, sightseeing, and taking pictures … but seemingly for another day. 

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Lan Ha bay - Cat Ba Island

Lan Ha Cất cánh, Cat Ba National Park 

Viet Hai Fishing Village – Cat Ba Island

A small visual and gustatory stimulation of the meal is then followed by numerous activities of interest in the landing spot of Viet Hai fishing village, which is located on Cat Ba Island. After a 6 km walk through the forest path, you will reach the village surrounded by high mountains and jungle. On the way, you might see many species of animals and birds while enjoying the green nature. In the village, you can hire a bike to make a quick tour across the marvelous natural scenery, meet the natives to appreciate their hospitality or join their daily life, experience the true fishing culture, and hike to Hai Quan (Navy) Peak to get a panoramic view of the whole island. Such activities will help you release energy after a long day sitting on the cruise.

Cycling in Viet Hai Village - Cat Ba Island

Cycling around Viet Hai Village

Cat Ba Island - Explore Cat Ba with a Halong Bay cruise

The whole island viewed from Hai Quan Peak

Enjoy the night in Cat Ba Island Cruise

Returning to Cat Ba Cruise means there comes the sunset, so it will be gorgeous to relax and admire the scenery on the sundeck before dinner time. Moreover, there are classes held to bring the real experience of indigenous culture by teaching you how to make a spring roll, a banh mi, and other Vietnamese traditional dishes.

After enjoying a variety of interesting activities, you can end the first day of the trip in the appetizing dinner by sipping a cocktail, admiring a very different beauty of Cat Ba Island under the moonlight, or simply chatting with friends and exchanging culture among guests that come from all over the world, which is another fascinating experience.

Cat Ba island

Sunset on Cat Ba Island

Day 2

As the main day of the tour, day 2 in Ha long cruise to Cat Ba features a wide range of exploring and relaxing activities, which would be unforgettable experiences to the tourists.

Morning on Halong Cất cánh Cruise in Cat Ba

The best way to start another day of your trip is to exercise a Yoga or Tai Chi session while seeing the sunrise, as the sunlight and fresh air of a morning on the Cat Ba cruise will refresh your body, and also give you the energy for the daytime. Afterward, a light breakfast is served so that you can enjoy and wait until the luxury catamaran sailboat picks you up on style to explore some hidden parts of Lan Ha Cất cánh.

Tai Chi exercise on Halong Bay Cruise

A Yoga/ Tai Chi session in the morning gives you the energy

Full-day activities give you the best energy

The second day of a Halong Cất cánh cruise trip from Cat Ba is often the most dynamic one as there are not any disturbances caused by the transportation, so normally on this day occur a lot of amusing and entertaining activities. Returning to Lan Ha Cất cánh on a  catamaran sailboat, you will explore more fascinating parts of the cất cánh, including Dau Be Island, Ba Trai Dao Beach, or Cai Beo Floating Village. There, you can take part in the previously mentioned activities with full energy and enthusiasm.

  • Wander along the seashore, come across some beautiful creatures hidden in the yellow sand, enjoy the light winds, and take some pictures of the sea that for years keeps kissing the shoreline.
  • Dive into the cool seawater to regain the sense of relaxation and to ease yourself after a long time sitting on the cruise and wandering across the shore.
  • Take a boat to travel around and visit Cai Beo Floating Village, an ancient village that features unique old boathouses standing the test of time with the fishing culture.

Cai Beo floating village

Cai Beo Floating Village with unique boathouses

  • Have a delightful picnic lunch served on the sailboat and take forty winks under the open sky.
  • Spend the whole afternoon going fishing and sightseeing in the remote areas of the cất cánh with spectacular views.

Experience the luxury services on cruise

When you go back to Cat Ba Island cruise, it’s time to give yourself a chance to experience the luxury services. As the boat cruises into the sleeping area of the cất cánh, close your eyes and relax with the massage service, have yourself taken care of by the spa or refresh your body in an on-cruise jacuzzi. There is also a children’s playground on some cruises for the parent tourists who want to separately enjoy their leisure time.

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As the sun sets, enjoy the delicious dinner served to you while seeing the peaceful scene of the area. Since dining menus on the cruise are renewed every day, you can taste a variety of different dishes. Also, a wide range of menus is offered to satisfy the tourist’s demand such as the Vietnamese thực đơn, a Western-styled thực đơn, or Fusion one.

How much does it cost for a meal on Halong Bay Cruise

Delicious meal on Halong Cất cánh cruise from Cat Ba

Day 3

On this day, the trip ends, which would make you a bit blue. Therefore, it is good to wake up early and thoroughly enjoy every last moment of the tour.

Dark & Bright Caves – Kayaking to explore amazing nature

Likewise, in the morning of day 3, you will welcome the day on the cruise with a Yoga or Tai Chi session and then, enjoy the light breakfast.

On the last day of the excursion, the cruise will take you to Dark & Bright caves, which are located in the middle between Lan Ha Cất cánh and Halong Cất cánh, constitute another perfect destination with distinctive beauty created by nature for thousands of years.

There, you can choose either exploring the caves by yourself or comfortably on bamboo boats rowed by the locals. However, kayaking on your own is more recommended. Generally, the Dark cave is a huge one featuring little light and hard to get into, whereas the Bright cave is much easier and has sunlight shine from the entrance till the end.

Once discovering these two caves, you will feel the soul of the amazing nature and get yourself a sense of peace. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to test your kayaking skill.

Dark and Bright Caves - Ha Long Bay

Kayaking in Dark & Bright Caves

Trip ends

At the end of the trip, after having a visit to Dark & Bright Caves, return to the cruise, pack your luggage, as the boat comes back to the on-land port. You will enjoy an extraordinary brunch on board and then disembark at the Port. Afterward, the company’s limousine will take you to Ha Noi Old Quarter. The trip ends.

That is a typical itinerary of a Halong Cất cánh tour to Cat Ba on which you can decide whether to take one. In reality, there are always two options for a tour, including a 2-days 1-night, and 3-days 2-nights tours. If you are about to explore Cat Ba Island cruises let’s see it on our website.

How to choose a Halong Cất cánh Cruise to Cat Ba? 

As more and more people get a kick out of the experience on a Cat Ba cruise, there are many ones available these days, which makes it difficult for us to choose a cruise tour that fits the bill. Here are 5 recommended Cat Ba Island cruises that you can take into tài khoản.

Scarlet Pearl Cruise

Scarlet Pearl is a luxury 5-star metal boat that was launched in 2019. With the special name coming from the traditional industry of farming pearls in the Halong Cất cánh area, the cruise was built in the hope of making every moment here the most beautiful pearl in your memory, also reminding us of the amazingly invaluable nature. As an eco-tourism cruise, Scarlett Pearl will not only give you the best vacation but relieve the burden on the environment as well.

  • Itinerary: The cruise departs from Halong International Port in Quang Ninh, then respectively arrive at Halong Cất cánh, Lan Ha Cất cánh, and Viet Hai village.
  • Cabins: There is a total of 23 cabins on the cruise, divided into 4 theme suits Silver Pearl, Golden Pearl, Onyx Pearl, and Scarlet Pearl.
  • Services: Customer services on board (spa, fitness, luxury public Jacuzzi) and activities on land are offered. Especially, Scarlet Pearl is the only cruise to use Cataraman Sails for the second day of the three-day program.
  • Price: $183 – $ 282 per person.

Scarlet Pearl - Halong Bay Cruise

Scarlet Pearl Cruise

Stellar of the Seas Cruise

As a luxury 5-star steel boat that was launched in 2018, Stellar of the Seas aims at bringing a new definition of contemporary luxury into customers’ experience. The cruise brings you the most luxurious services and a mesmerizing visit on a Halong Cất cánh tour from Cat Ba.

  • Itinerary: A longer route is offered on Stellar of the seas cruise, includes Tuan Chau Pier, Halong Cất cánh, Ba Trai Dao Islet, Viet Hai Village, and Dark & Bright Caves.
  • Cabins: The cruise is designed with twenty-two elegant spacious cabins with a private balcony in each one, which would give the tourist a view of the outside and the stunning scenes.
  • Services: Luxurious services are fully provided, such as fine dining, the panoramic bar, wine and cigars cellar, golf club, seasonal swimming pool, beauty spa and massage, children’s playground,
  • Price: $225 – $250 per person

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Stellar of the Seas - Halong Bay Cruise

Stellar of the Seas Cruise

Heritage Cruise

Heritage Cruise is the first 5-star Vietnamese boutique cruise on the Red River and the Gulf of Tonkin. Featuring traditional style mixed with the uniqueness of a Vietnamese boutique, and sumptuous facilities as well, the cruise can bring its passengers a comfortable trip exploring Cat Ba Island.

  • Itinerary: The cruise tour starts from Got Pier in Hai Phong city and stops at Lan Ha Cất cánh, Ba Trai Dao Island, Dark & Bright Caves for the tourists to enjoy and discover.
  • Cabins: Each Heritage Cruise offers 20 suites with high-end facilities and a gorgeous view of the sea
  • Services: Luxurious on-cruise services (ocean-facing gym, splendid spa treatments, …) are provided.
  • Price: $178 – $330 per person

Heritage Cruise - Halong Bay Cruise

Heritage Cruise

Orchid Cruise

Orchid Cruise, launched in 2016, is another luxury 5-star boat on the list. The cruise itself features the perfect combination of stunning decor of exotic wood with marble, modern furniture, thus creates the most elegant and comfortable relaxing space for the passengers on a tour from Cat Ba island. With its luxurious facilities and hospitable staff, Orchid Cruise is one of the best 5-star cruises, on which you can expect your vacation to be fantastic.

  • Itinerary: The cruise offers a Cat Ba tour from Got Pier in Hai Phong city to Lan Ha Cất cánh, Bai Tu Long Cất cánh, and eventually, Cat Ba Island.
  • Cabins: Orchid cruise contains 14 elite cabins, all of which have a private balcony with a glass wall and blackout curtain to improve the experience and safety on board.
  • Services: Luxurious Spa room and Bathtub – Jacuzzi (for Exclusive Suite passengers) are offered.
  • Price: $180 – $282 per person

Orchid Cruise - Halong Bay Cruise

Orchid Cruise

Sena Cruise

Unlike the previous ones, Sena cruise is a 4-star traditional and cozy boutique cruise, which was newly launched in 2019, suitable for those who want to save their budget as well as experience the services on a new Ha Long cất cánh cruise from Cat Ba. The cruise itself possesses an impressively unique thiết kế inspired by the image of Vietnamese traditional boat and mixed with French boutique thiết kế, provides a comfortable space for the tourists’ relaxing vacation.

  • Itinerary: The route of a Halong Cất cánh tour from Cat Ba on Sena Cruise includes Tuan Chau Pier for the start and respectively Halong Cất cánh, Lan Ha Cất cánh, Cat Ba Island.
  • Cabins: The cruise has 18 cabins with a private balcony in each to give the passengers an elegant and spacious atmosphere.
  • Services: High-end 4-star services are offered
  • Price: $139 – $214 per person.

Sena Cruise - Halong Bay Cruise

Sena Cruise

Above is the list of 5 recommended cruises for you to choose to immensely enjoy your Halong cất cánh tour to Cat Ba. If you want to get to know more, please click here.

All in all, joining a Cat Ba Island cruise tour in Halong Cất cánh is now one of the must-do experiences when coming to the island. From the cruise, you can explore a variety of fascinating things that could never occur in any other tours, so it would be great to pack your luggage and book one to get away from the hustling life, have yourself peace of soul while enjoying your vacation and discovering the fantastic beauty of Cat Ba.


Duc Anh Tran

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