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Motorbike Rental On Phu Quoc Island Kien Giang

Rent motorbike on Phu Quoc Island is a popular activity for ptourists. Its no require bringing licence when a customer wants to rent a motorbike. Its all up to customers to strictly follow the traffic law in Vietnam. In this article, we will introduce all the information customers need when travelling in Phu Quoc on a motorbike.

How to rent a motorbike On Phu Quoc Island Kien Giang

The automatic scooters motorbike is the easiest to handle, better to ride in metropolitan areas, and suitable for beginner drivers. The manual requires hand and feet coordination. And big engine bikes are for experienced riders only and suitable for the rugged roads in the countryside.

Motorbike Rental On Phu Quoc IslandMotorbike Rental On Phu Quoc Island

When you rent a motorbike in Kien Giang you will need to provide your passport or for longer term rentals a sao chép of your passport. Most rental places will accept payment when you return the bike after your ride.

In most cases the rental place will not provide you with any paperwork, no contract / agreement and no registration for the bike. This could be a problem if you are stopped by the police which is very unlikely unless you have an accident.

Also note that most places will not ask for a driving licence, most foreigners in Vietnam are unlicensed but this is changing as getting a license is getting easier. If you plan to be here for more than a few months, get a licence.

What Are Phuc Quoc Kien Giang Motorbikes Rental Requirements?

It you want to rent a motorbike in Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang City, some rental companies ask for your passport while others don’t. We’ve noticed that shops located along the main touristy roads seem adamant about handing over your passport. It seems as though the smaller businesses on the less traveled side streets are more accepting to a passport photocopy or a cash deposit instead. To rent a motorbike On Phu Quoc Island, you need two things:

  • Passport
  • Cash

For motorbike rental, there are different procedures depending on the rental shop and the length of the rental. If you stay in a hotel and rent a motorbike from the hotel for a few days, the hotel will not require a deposit. If you rent directly from a rental shop, you need to give your passport to the owner until you return the motorbike or deposit an amount of money (from 1.5 million VND to 3 million VND). Leaving a passport with a shop while you travel the whole country is not ideal, so an alternative can be suggested. Often rental shops will accept a different form of valid identification or even a sao chép of the passport.

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In some cases, an additional requirement could be the number of your hotel room if you’re renting a scooter from the hotel.

Regarding payments, you almost always pay in cash and upfront. Most motorcycle companies don’t ask to see proof of a driver’s license. You can drive away from their shop without toppling over or crashing into something or someone.

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Safety Inspection and Checks

Before you set off, make sure you give a thorough test of the motorbike. The company will usually go over the bike and make a list of any dents, scratches and damage it might already have which you will be asked to witness.  Pay attention when this is done as the contracts you are about to sign says that you hired the bike in prime condition. If it comes back with any additional marks you will be charged for this and be careful some companies motorbike rental Phu Quoc Island make alot of extra income this way.

Here are things you should test for.

1) Inspect the bike for existing damage and take photo’s on your phone.

2) Sit on the bike and bounce up and down – make sure the suspension is working.

3) See if the mirrors adjust and you can see behind you. Vietnamese drivers hardly ever use their mirrors – but you do!

4) Ride the bike and test for size comfort (your knees should not be forced to stick out)

5) Ride the bike and test the brakes (some bikes have rear and front, some combined – know what you have)

6) Test the acceleration – sometimes you will need to get out of the way of some idiot quickly

7) Opt for bikes with thicker tires – thin tires and gravel will be your No one reason for an accident

Some places for Phu Quoc island And Kien Giang Motorbike Rental

It is not difficult to rent a motorbike On Phu Quoc Island or any other Vietnam city. There are several variants:

small hotels and hotels.

specialized points.

other variants.

You can hardly walk around any (especially central) street without noticing a dozen rental places where you’ll be gladly helped to hire a scooter.

Motorbike Rental On Phu Quoc Island Kien Giang

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If you are staying at a small hotel you’ll probably be told about such nearest places at the reception. They even can bring you a bike or something to the hotel as hotel owners often have contracts with the owners of motor transport.

If they don’t provide such a service, it’s enough to walk along the second and the third lines of Phu Quoc Island.

One more method of hiring motorbike transport in Kien Giang City is getting in touch with the foreigners living there a long time and running some bike rental business. We’d advise you to turn to our good acquaintances – guys from the Moto Vietnam and they not only will help you to choose a good and suitable bike but will also give you some recommendations and several bike riding lessons.

Anh Duc Motorbike rental Phu Quoc

ADD: 104 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

Hotline: 0969 265 111 ‬ – 097155569.

Motorbikes Rentals On Phu Quoc Island

Ađress: 54 Bach Dang street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc. ( Near airport Phu Quoc )

Tel: 0932620779 ( Mr Vu Linh ).

How to ride a motorbike On Phu Quoc island?

All you need to know before you start to ride a motorbike or car in Vietnam. But carefully! Regardless of how experienced you are, riding in Kien Giang City or Phu Quoc Island takes a bit of getting used to. Use some common sense and learn how the locals use the road.

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There are SO many motorbikes zipping around that you have to walk slowly but surely, allowing the motorbikers to (hopefully) dodge around you. If you stand around waiting for them to stop for pedestrians to cross, you’ll be waiting a long time.

Traffic law is practically non-existent. It’s not that scary once you get the hang of it, but you might want to get a feel for how it works before setting off on your own.

Follow closely behind someone who looks like they know what they’re doing

The Vietnamese will carry an entire house (plus their three children and dog) on the back of their bikes if they can. You will amaze at how they don’t tip over.

When is the best time to travel to Kien Giang?

The rainy season in Kien Giang is from April to September and the dry season is from October to March next year. Each season has an interesting and unique beauty. Usually more tourists come to Kien Giang during the rainy season because at this time of year Kien Giang is an ideal place to escape from the heat of the central and northern provinces.

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Phu quoc Island Kien GiangPhu quoc Island Kien Giang

Kien Giang, a land that features pristine islands and beaches, is increasingly appealing to tourists because there are so many great places to discover recently. Don’t hesitate to enjoy the wonderful moment of your vacation and discover the pristine look of the islands here that will surely delight you.

Coming to Kien Giang, you will have plenty of options for your journey, most spectacular of which are attractive destinations such as Ha Tien, Ngoc Phu Quoc island. Or you can ride the waves to discover the unspoiled beauty of the Nam Du islands. Let’s join Viet Fun Travel to discover the best tourist destinations and try the most delicious foods here. Don’t forget to take note of top things to do in Kien Giang guide provided by Viet Fun Travel before you go to Kien Giang.

Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc Island is known to be a tourist destination in Kien Giang, most visited by domestic and foreign tourists when they travel to Kien Giang. There are many interesting recreational activities for tourists, such as sea squid fishing, snorkeling, taking a boat tour to watch the scenery around the island. Especially, you will be immersed in the clear sea water by the white sand beach and see the beauty of poetic Phu Quoc clouds, forget the tiredness and hardship, the stresses and strains of your life, and enjoy the irresistible peace here and have the best memories with your family and friends.

Phu Quoc islandPhu Quoc island

This is a mysterious island which makes anyone who hears the name think of pirate movies, but in fact, this tourist destination in Kien Giang is a place with wild and attractive scenery for tourists. You will have unforgettable experiences once setting foot here.

The reason for this island to take its name is because it is located in an important trade route from China to Western countries, so many centuries ago, this was the ideal place for pirates to gather, hide and attack merchant ships. However, it is the story of the previous centuries, today, this place is one of the places that possesses the most pristine, pure and peaceful natural beauty of Kien Giang.

Being one of top Kien Giang’s tourist destinations, Nam Du Islands bring wild and natural beauty. Let’s discover Nam Du islands to admire the natural beauty here – the beauty of the scenery that is still intact and spectacular in its own way. Besides, you willl also experience the rustic life of people on the island.

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