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This is true in so far as it goes, but it ignores the personal nature of the duty an employer has to each of his individual employees.

The ship bobbed on the waves, without any of the sudden heaving that it had been accustomed to so far into the trip.

I exercise, I have good hygiene, I try to wear what flatters me, I even went so far as to get my legs waxed and my hair done.

The bottom line is, even if you work out every day, aerobic exercise can only take the body so far.

Good sound guys can figure out the acoustics during sound check relatively quickly, but that’s only going to go so far.

Most cases of HIV related kala-azar have so far been reported in southern Europe along the Mediterranean basin.

We’ve heard nothing but praise for this film so far, but strangely it gets three stars across the board from the broadsheet reviewers.

Witnesses to the act of criminal genius called police who, so far, have only charged the man with theft.

Well chapter 7 is done, and with it the first real action in the story so far, from my point of view at least.

Being an action figure made me laugh at first because an icon was so far from the world I’d been living in in England.

He even went so far as to take a crew of reporters with him while he went to a sporting goods store to buy a jockstrap.

Rayne constantly had to pull her feet from the mud, because they sunk so far they were weighted down with mud.

He added that the response to the signature campaign has been overwhelming so far.

We have put in for a number of smaller trust funds but so far none of the other grants have come through.

Congratulations to the team for getting so far and for putting up a good fight!

Most of the money raised so far has been donated by friends and well-wishers but several events have now been organised to boost funds even more.

Their most successful product, at 2.5 million pounds sold so far, is rail curve grease for railroads.

And some legal experts say whether this evidence is admitted could be one of the most important decisions made so far.

The weather is fairly wet but so far has not been very cold which is a good thing.

Locals have rallied behind the push to start a community bank on the Balmain peninsula with almost 30 people registering their interest so far.

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A friend asked him why he went so far, and told him that there were plenty of others just as good nearer his home.

So the issue of whangai and adopted children, so far as the Adoption Act of 1955 and also the Human Rights Act are concerned, is a real issue.

Romanian has many adstrata of linguistical accretions, but no one so far knows just how deep is the substratum.

Well, it would be in a whole new jurisprudence so far as the prosecution of Commonwealth offences were concerned in this country.

Scholarly literature justly notes that Russia has so far failed to put in place a developed body of social legislation of a social-minded state.

Her smallest sale so far that year had been in the range of half to three-quarters of a million dollars.

Indeed, so far as the Masters is concerned, the rankings appear to be essentially meaningless.

And so far only a few low ranking soldiers including Private England are up on charges for Iraqi abuse at Abu Ghraib.

None of these dissidents has so far expressed such clear advocation of a secular society.

The true view is that wherever the remedy of rescission is available it operates to restore the status quo ante so far as that is possible.

I found this site in my referrers a few days ago and so far I’m enjoying what I’ve read.

I’ve bought at least one album every week so far this year, I plan to continue this provided my finances hold out.

The Stars are losers so far this summer in the open market, but don’t count them out when the season starts.

Authorities say that so far the timber dam is holding but it could send six feet of water rushing into downtown.

And you know something, so far, it’s worked in I’d say seven different relationships.

As the galley righted itself, another wave struck from the other side, and the ship heeled over so far its mainsail almost touched the water.

The guy had caught it so far in on the heel that the ball had literally rolled between his legs.

Only the original rebel group which holds the northern half of Ivory Coast is, so far, in talks with the government.

Neil Lennon vents his fury at the final whistle, pushing the point so far that he was also red-carded by the referee.

He went so far as to suggest that the smaller-than-expected shortfall means the population actually is rebounding.

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We have had very positive feedback so far and they do seem to think it is valuable and worthwhile.

Many of the bodies have been burned beyond recognition, and few have so far been identified.

No microalgae have so far been found and the ministry is now also gathering air samples to see whether the problem is airborne.

The monsoon, which has been eluding Punjab so far and has affected kharif crops, has brought the afforestation drive in the state to a halt.

He will also present his views on what has been achieved so far and what is yet to come.

Mission recorders had documented thirty-one kills, the highest number of enemy soldiers killed in a single ground operation so far.

The guy ahead of me reclines his chair so far back into my face, it practically touches my nose.

In so far as possible, the houses will be designed to withstand earthquakes.

A good friend of mine writes in to say that the word on the street is that thankfully so far it seems that no students were hurt.

The church has slid so far into consumerism it is nearly impossible to live out your faith without paying for it.

Steph’s no-look pass from the top of the key last night was one of the top 10 plays of the year so far.

The German woman in the seat behind me objected loudly to me reclining my seat, going so far as to call over the male flight attendant.

Hundreds bathed, and the tide went out so far that the harbour at low water was empty.

The following recitals explain the background and underlying policy of the Directive, so far as relevant for present purposes.

His reasoning is sound so far as it goes, and he’s produced an enjoyable and thought-provoking read that I highly recommend.

The sauce would go well with pork tenderloin too, but so far I’ve tried it with sirloin.

He wields enormous power just by being the manager of Celtic, but so far has let his on-field record do the talking.

He had recorded scores of 12 and 28 in the two games he had played so far in the tournament.

Solano has played in all but one Villa game so far this season and has lost none of his skill and crossing ability with age.

Taunted by the Prime Minister on the one hand, and assailed by the left of his own party on the other, he has so far kept his own counsel.

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He has so far rejected demands for a recall of parliament, currently in recess.

He has kept to the script so far, but needs to actually start putting figures on things.

What she has so far are the awkward, and, at times, ponderous ravings of a talentless hack, obsessed and clueless.

These are my ideas so far, but any further contributions will be gratefully received.

It has been a trying season so far for the Aberdonian, who has never recaptured the form that won him the 1999 Open Championship.

Harry relished every last drop, going so far as to lick up the wafers of sliced macaroni and eating them with every sign of enjoyment.

It looks like the rebels and the government forces are abiding by the rules so far.

The review comes in the wake of two profit warnings from the group so far this year.

Raines and Boyd have been given their walking papers, but the dirtiest clods of all so far have avoided the broom.

It had 184,000 miles on the clock when we set off and it’s over 3,000 miles to Barcelona, but so far it’s doing fine.

Renault now has three out of the six cars so far to have achieved a top five-star rating.

Turnbull is the only one of the 50 subjects so far to blow the whistle on what he now believes is a scandal.

Some of the more entertaining reactions come from the fictional characters, going so far as shadowboxing or performing a Samoan war dance.

Though private radio has sustained painful financial losses so far, their executives are still walking about whistling a cheery tune.

And he’s so far not lived up to any single commitment that he’s made, which is a pretty abysmal record.

However, this month the winds and driving rain so far prevented any such activity and hopes for an early clean up so far are postponed.

And while it is easy to quantify the cost so far, it is much harder to work out how big an impact it will have in future.

This is nowhere more obvious than in quantum electrodynamics which is the most accurate theory in the history of science so far.

To this process, Bulgaria will be able to add the valuable experiences it has gained in its own process towards accession so far.

However the damages and injuries from the accidents so far this year surpassed those of last year.

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The movie had won critical acclaim and is actually one of the few hits that Bollywood turned out this year so far.

Two houses have been rebuilt so far, with Iraqis supplying washing machines, refrigerators and furniture.

This isn’t to claim our deepest convictions guide us only so far as the whimsy of the moment will allow.

Several homes have been waterlogged, though so far the damage has been minimal.

One thing that has been a constant presence in my life so far is my quickness to anger.

His only involvement so far was in an opening day defeat by Middlesbrough, during which he was jeered by his own fans.

The Gazette described us a Jekyll and Hyde side and that has summed us up exactly so far this season.

However, all our efforts in redoing it have proved unsuccessful so far.

That resistance, so far, has forced the British prime minister to limit what he will call for in the commons.

The sowing for the kharif season is slowly but steadily picking up in this agriculturally intensive district, thanks to the reasonably good south west monsoon so far.

Because my passion so far has been exposing government-funded sacred cows and disrupting statist narratives, I am an apostate.

I have also so far not spoken to the children on the phone as my husband reassures me that they are fine and a possible phone conversation may unsettle them.

And so far, he’s the only one doing the provoking, I thought acerbically.

But, so far, there have been no substantial consultations with Congress about such an authorization.

Another highly tactical frame, and the longest in the match so far, as Williams and Doherty reach just 36 points between them with 11 reds potted.

But even he did not go so far as to talk about the Wife of bath as though she were flesh and blood.

It is a good step, but areas suitable for rooftop collection and areas suitable for artificial recharge of groundwater have not been identified so far.

Colleges are entering a critical period, but so far the customers still believe.

Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first movie, went so far as to test out Browning as Bella.

Despite one close call when it dropped so far that the line briefly got caught in the branches of a tree, I kept the kite airborne for the best part of half an hour.

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Historically, so far as I can understand, periods of spiritual quickening and revival have gone in hand with God’s people coming together to pray.

Having finally seen Selma on November 17, I must report, sadly, that I do not share the enthusiasm the film has generated so far.

Wasinger has even gone so far as to call on Comstock to drop out and run as a Democrat instead.

And so far the response to bleachers has been more incredible than I could even imagine.

Luckily for us, so far the bond market seems to be vacationing there as well.

People love it, we have only received positive feedback so far.

Both sites are the only Beringia burials found so far from that period.

The broker who sold the policy went so far as to say the doctors had been lying to me.

While some neighbouring residents were jumping for joy at the result, others voiced their anger that the application had made it so far in the planning process.

But sources said that the evidence so far is pointing away from an ISIS connection.

I think the response of the French government so far has been pretty appropriate in that regard.

Though sources say her CAA agents had a please-get-help talk with her this year, Bynes has so far resisted.

From the forward cabin many persons never escaped. From the after cabin, so far as we know from the evidence, all did escape except an infirm old man.

But that does not, so far as Philippe Petit is concerned, make it a cakewalk.

They’ve said all the allegations and incidents aired in the media so far have been simply the public airing of internal investigations that are already underway.

She went so far as to offer to perform all types of kinky sexual favors.

Deception by mirrors has a basis in optical principles, in so far as reflections in mirrors do not correspond wholly to the objects that caused them.

In this valley so far away from Syria, questions loom like mist drifting off the Caucasus.

The Japanese government has repeatedly tried to reflate the economy, with special packages and cuts in interest rates, but so far to little effect.

I get so excited at the sound of that air horn so far off down the tracks.

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It’s been a calm day so far, but now the wind has kicked up.

The total raised so far could wipe out NHS waiting lists for eight years.

Wearable technology may be useful, but so far its designs have been clunky and one-size-fits-all.

We have faced quite a few of them so far and Manchester United have got some great players who you like to pit your wits against and see how you cope.

A plague outbreak in Madagascar has killed 40 people so far, and due to antibiotic resistance, it could kill many more.

The people are so nice, the city so pleasant and full of history, but what I see so far is that it has English quaintness yet all the luxuries we are used to in America.

I have sent hundreds of forms out now to workingmen’s clubs, residents’ associations and homes across Swindon, and I am more than encouraged by the response so far.

Romney, who has abstained from the frenzy so far, asks whether the state sales tax will go away, Cain says it’s an orange.

The petition has accrued 413 signatures so far, as well as multiple comments of support.

I think the most effective one so far has been activated carbon, and activated carbon simply works very well because the compounds are in very low concentration.

The thing is, we didn’t realise that the tide went out so far.

Most recipes involve fresh fruit and wardens at some prisons have went so far as to ban fruit from prisoners’ meals in hopes of curtailing production.

The only thing so far saving the economy from a terrible reckoning is the fact that there aren’t great prospects for profit anywhere else in the world either.

These portentous rumblings aside, no coherent position on ectogenesis has emerged so far within the pro-life movement.

The idea of adding a hard drive to a handset isn’t new, but so far disk sizes and reliability issues have weighed against their incorporation into mobiles.

In so far as it goes, it is based on fact, experience and experiment.

When Lina finds someone she likes, they have to go through an extremely vigorous process of acceptance before she agrees to go out with them, and so far no one has passed.

A Fox News contributor went so far as to showcase the many brands of boot available to our troops.

I had dated non-Jews before, but none went so far as to decorate their home with such blatantly pious trinkets.

But the striker, who has since moved from CSKA Moscow to Alania Vladikavkaz, has managed only one goal in their five group matches so far.

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I concede that the work has been slow so far, but it should speed up soon.

Her efforts to rejuvenate her career have so far been unsuccessful.

Sometimes the bevelling planes stretch so far towards the apex of the crystal that the accuminating planes are scarcely visible.

Amazing is judged relative what already exists, and Quake has the best underwater effects so far.

Collectively, I think, but am not certain, they are the worst men in the regiment so far as genial blackguardism goes.

This is a very inefficient process so far as the broilerman’s pocketbook is concerned, and it just doesn’t make good poultry sense.

This leaves for consideration of this group of small tribes, or subtribes, so far as mapped by the writer quoted, the Teule, Cazcan, and Tecuexe.

The Olympics, the weather and a comparative lack of heavyweight clashes so far this season have been cited as reasons for the drop in viewers.

Indeed, the results available so far from crossbreeding experiments show an overall positive effect of crossmating straightbred cows.

We are so far advanced in the Arts and Sciences, that we live in retrospect, and doat on past atchievements.

I have extricated myself so far at many eleventh hours and perhaps there is some hope in this.

I consider, that so far as what is called military renown is concerned, the American Navy needs no eulogist but History.

She lived in a faraway village, in a faraway land, so far away that I’d never see her again.

The Chinese gentry, so far as they still existed, preferred to work with him rather than with the feudalist Huns.

They have a Ford car now, and she don’t seem so far away from me as she used to.

But in so far as they were able to forearm themselves against the anxieties of bereavement, the loss may have been that much easier to face.

My good behaviour had so far gained on the emperor, that I began to conceive hopes of liberty.

I know he suffered from depression, but surely he wouldn’t go so far as to kill himself?

The grammatist, apparently, taught literature in so far as it was read while the citharist taught the poetry which was usually sung.

Only two exploration wells have been drilled so far, and there remain numerous undrilled targets in tilted fault block plays.

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Among all types of bioreactor designs that have been proposed so far capillary hollow-fibre systems remain the most commonly used.

Whereas he had so far been unpredictable and equivocating, from this point on he remained firmly devoted to protecting his father’s royal rights.

Elizabeth saw this as a Dutch ploy to force her to accept sovereignty over the Netherlands, which so far she had always declined.

Both battles involved forces of over 250,000, making them some of the largest conflicts of the wars so far.

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By 1964 he had deserted his previously socialist beliefs, going so far as to launch a fierce attack on the Labour candidate in Smethwick.

One possible solution to the West Lothian question would be devolution to the English regions but attempts have been unsuccessful so far.

According to BAE Systems, as of July 2012, they have sold nearly 1000 Hawks so far, with sales continuing to date.

Currently, Gate 12, Pier B has been upgraded to accommodate the A380, the only gate at the airport that can handle this aircraft so far.

It is believed, however, that the circle survives today in a relatively intact state, changed certainly, but not so far from its original design.

The situation has fallen so far out of control to rightly be considered a massacree.

The economics of research is, so far as logic is concerned, the leading doctrine with reference to the art of discovery.

Rod Stewart went so far as to say he would take bets that Ronnie would not join the Stones.

Anyway, so far, really, my favourite character is Yuki. Bonus points when we find out in the second episode she’s a meganekko.

The designated leaders so far include superstars like Harold Varmus, a Nobel laureate, and Eric Lander, genome meister.

Agate thought it the best thing Gielgud had done so far, other than Hamlet.

The club first played in the FA Trophy in 2007 after winning promotion to the NPL, but have so far failed to advance past the qualifying rounds.

Six tournaments have so far been played, and only the West Indies, who currently hold the title, has won the tournament on multiple occasions.

With the design allowing the engine to be placed so far forward the holds are more midships and this gives a better trim.

But though there are caves there are no mines in Faroe, in which happy state we hope these mineless isles will remain so far as we are concerned.

Owen recognised that the remains of the three new species that had been found so far shared a number of distinctive features.

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Since 2013, some 700 make inquiries each year, but so far, not a single formal settlement application has been received.

Ministers so far refused but the Scottish government agreed to enact a food insecurity measure.

Attempts to introduce bilingualism in local administration have so far met direct refusal from French officials.

By the age of 41 he had declined so far in health that his arms were by his own admission thin and weak.

The old man says Slains is now inhabited by a Mr. Bowles, who comes so far from the southward that naebody kens whare he comes frae.

But, so far as I understand the present measure of finance from the partial reports I have received, I find it too violent.

In the 12th century a Gilchrist, son of Eruini, witnessed a charter in Galloway and this is the earliest use of the name so far discovered.

He is so far the only British Prime Minister to have been Welsh and to have spoken English as a second language.

More important was the voters’ evaluation of Lloyd George in terms of what he had accomplished so far and what he promised for the future.

Argyria is rare, and so far as is known, does not otherwise harm a person’s health, though it is disfiguring and usually permanent.

The fact is, that so far as the upkeep of the Fleet is concerned, they are entirely redundant.

This result seems to be one of the oldest dates published so far in the case of birds of prey.

The research on other species done so far has yielded varied outcomes and inconclusive results.

This was a warm up to their largest concert so far, held at Margam Country Park near Port Talbot.

There was not much interest among the Portuguese people in an isolated archipelago so far from civilization.

Dover Bronze Age boat is one of fewer than 20 Bronze Age boats so far found in Britain.

While any municipality with more than 100,000 inhabitants can establish districts, only Antwerp did this so far.

The sheer vastness of the distances in the Soviet Union meant that Germany could only advance so far before outrunning their supply chains.

The intensity and the destruction in Supercharge were greater than anything witnessed so far during this battle.

The Happisburgh finds mark the first time that evidence of early humans has been found so far north.

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The remains of 15 species of mammals, 160 species of insects, and more than 100 species of plants have been recovered so far.

The grays did not run so far, but usually kept near home, going in a circuit of six or eight miles.

In recent years, independents have formed Free Voters associations to enter Landtag parliaments, so far only successful in Bavaria.

No king of Wessex was to venture so far east until Egbert, over a hundred years later.

A mob went so far as to attack a carriage carrying George III in protest at the alleged betrayal.

It has not, so far, been possible to identify archaeological sites which can be conclusively attributed to the Bastarnae.

He goes so far as to assert that certain climates are superior to others, the temperate climate of France being ideal.

The very policy of a hostess, finding his purse so far above his clothes, did detect him.

He even went so far as to undermine Xie Jin’s counsel and eventually killed him.

Because the daggerboard is located so far forward, the junk must use a balanced rudder to counteract the imbalance of lateral resistance.

When incomplete, the deficiency, so far as I know at present, appears always to take place posticously.

Cape York Peninsula also contains one of the highest rates of endemism in Australia, with more than 260 endemic plant species found so far.

Lower interest rates have so far not produced greater investment in exports.

He is known to steal from the Treasury, but so far he has not been caught because of his quick-handedness.

This power has not so far been used, but it could be a crucial power in the event of the collapse of a governing coalition.

This power, granted by Article 27 of the Constitution, has not so far been used.

The minder then depressing the faller, so far as to guide the threads upon the bare spindle below.

That expansion constitutes the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution so far as the iron industry is concerned.

Keep floors in work areas in a clean and, so far as possible, a dry condition.

The engine’s construction was the most complex so far, but as before he ran into trouble with Watt’s patents on these subjects.

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He had made powerful enemies within the state, especially with Viscount Ji Huan, due to his successes so far.

Though business has more or less held up so far, a series of drug-related spectaculars sparked an exodus of the city’s upper class this summer.

The brain lies a little farther forward than in stenostomids but not so far forward as in Chordarium.

The best evidence so far that social supernumeraries are physically capable of bettering their lot concerns not rodents but birds.

It is an awful thing to find your efforts supervacaneous when you are so far away from home and friends, sympathy, and help.

Romney has so far been an amateurish foreign-policy candidate.

Rome will never so far unpope herself as to part with her pretended supremacy.

He would be left in no doubt that they were annoyed. He might even go so far as to deduce that they were quite vexed.

Felix propounded the story of the arrest, so far as might be, in words of one syllable.

I will be the first to concede that my writeups for the fourth season of The Simpsons have so far been suspiciously devoid of criticism.

Nearly everything we know about dark matter so far comes from astronomy.

Well, so far, he’s not turned up any Lord Lucans, but he’s had more than his fair share of Wallies.

Interest in the Watermaster technology is increasing in the Middle East and these units that we have delivered so far are just the beginning.

The menu includes their favorite comfort food, which, so far, ranges from meatloaf and macaroni and cheese to pork adobo and vegetarian tamales.

The practice of unlabeled advertorials has been so far neglected in health journalism research.

Truck accident attorney Amy Witherite discusses three of the worst commercial truck crashes that have occurred in Texas so far this year.

Actually, Q3 is the best of the year so far, and it’s still kind of a yawner.

Here’s what we know so far about the man allegedly behind the carnage.

Clifford is the fifth person arrested so far in Operation Yewtree.

Many Free Staters will tell you that one of their biggest wins so far was the passage and strengthening of jury nullification laws.

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Francisco Huenchumilla, governor of the Araucania region, said the eruption has so far caused no deaths.

The National Council of Free Zones is preparing a census to determine the real number of jobs that have been lost so far this year.

Law-enforcement personnel were on alert, however, no arrestment has so far been reported.

The highest prize so far to remain unclaimed was worth just over pounds 2million and the ticket was bought in Kingston Upon Hull.

Five referenda have so far been held in Turkey regarding constitutional amendments.

With 111 protons and 161 neutrons, this lab-made element has the highest atomic number seen so far.

Ofqual admitted the grade boundaries were higher in June than in January but has so far refused to bow to calls for the exams to be regraded.

Two more of Sunderland’s transfer targets fit the same criteria and are also known quantities in so far as they spent time on Wearside last term.

Hamburg sporting director Oliver Kreuzer revealed that no official enquiry had been made by any English side for Calhanoglu so far.

The fat cats of the new order, so near yet so far from the temple of New Labourism.

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Alexandre went so far as to buy back a degas from its illicit owners.

Consumer Direct, the shoppers’ watchdog, say they have seen an increase in complaints about baby buggies and pushchairs so far this year.

But its model has so far proven explainable, dependable, and profitable.

Police have so far discovered 85 cars that were stolen abroad to be resold in Lebanon.

Among the young pandas she’s following, Atlanta’s two plus a dozen at Chengdu, Snyder so far finds slight differences between the early, and late weaners.

Wolsey went so far as to convene an ecclesiastical court in England with a representative of the Pope presiding, and Henry and Catherine herself in attendance.

The Canadian scientists claim that their new method of probing molecular structure has yielded the most revealing image so far of an electron’s wave function.

Landon’s vacillating judgments so far on the subject of Wordsworthian poetry and poetics should lead us to expect that this speaker attitudinizes as carelessly as the rest.

It was half over and so far nobody had noticed his ying-yang hanging out.

However, regardless of evil portents, prophetic despair and a great deal too much writing on the wall, I have managed so far to write two fairly cheerful musical comedies.

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This is as wildly different to any episode of Who so far. It’s fab.

By the way Bill, exactly what color is the sun in your world? You are so far out there I swear you’re going to get a nosebleed from the altitude alone.

They have libelled us in every way, and called us everything, even walrusses. They have even gone so far as to say that no one could know whether we had a head or a tail.

Over 50,000 people attended, which marked the biggest attendance so far.

The Umm Al Quwain Police have nabbed 690 illegal residents, absconders and infiltrators from different areas of the northern emirate so far this year.

Besides Klong Sam Wa, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has so far ordered people living in five northern districts and six western districts of Bangkok to evacuate.

The employment rate was so far behind, there were many company shutdowns.

The fellow arrived looking rather shabby after journeying so far.

It was a scorchio weekend and yesterday we saw the warmest day of the year so far, 29.7C recorded in Bournemouth, closer to home, 29.5C at Heathrow.

Thus to have them exhausting their military resources in areas so far removed from the historic schwerpunkt of their empire is the best we can now hope for.

Earth is so far the only planet where subduction is known to occur.

The question was not whether gravity existed, but whether it extended so far from Earth that it could also be the force holding the Moon to its orbit.

In fact, in the opening salvos of the war, the American forces invading Upper Canada were pushed so far back that they ended up surrendering Michigan Territory.

We’ve come up with three ideas so far. Any more for any more?

At Laskill, an outstation of Rievaulx Abbey and the only medieval blast furnace so far identified in Britain, the slag produced was low in iron content.

A group of Northern Federalists led by Senator Timothy Pickering of Massachusetts went so far as to explore the idea of a separate northern confederacy.

Would he go so far as to call the police? I wouldn’t put it past him.

From all we’ve hard so far, their forthcoming sophomore album sounds like textbook ante-upping over everything that worked well the first time around.

She is now, at the age of 17, faced with turning from the straight and narrow path she has so far trod to the primrose path of her mother and grandmother.

Sources claimed that the services of over 5,000 employees of various departments across the province had been regularised so far by the present ANP-led coalition government.

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They even went so far as to ask Alfonso to seize the throne.

For most or all other groups, the true numbers of species occurring in Cuba are likely to exceed, often considerably, the numbers recorded so far.

Baltic mythology has also received a great deal of scholarly attention, but has so far remained frustrating to researchers because the sources are so comparatively late.

The find is so far unique, and the scientific research assumes that the melting down of the lump was not completed, therefore the aim was to form cultic offerings.

None of these theories is so far backed by archaeological evidence.

Three months of testing have so far confirmed theoretical models.

Until recently, there was little evidence for anything but an early and short Roman occupation of Cornwall, and there have so far been only three finds in Penzance.

He went so far as to change substantive policy decisions after they had been leaked to the press in order to undermine the leaker and embarrass the leakee.

The counties of Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Sussex and Yorkshire were undivided so far as they were one county at the passing of the Act.

The samples recovered were Scopelocherius schellenbergi, a species of lysianassoid amphipod that have so far only been found in ultradeep trenches in the Pacific.

Pliny’s purpose in writing the Natural History was to cover all learning and art so far as they are connected with nature or draw their materials from nature.

Rommel had been advised by both the German and Italian staffs that his army could not be properly supplied so far from the ports of Tripoli and Benghazi.

Monopiles up to 11 m diameter at 2,000 tonnes can be made, but the largest so far are 1,300 tonnes which is below the 1,500 tonnes limit of some crane vessels.

Every religion that becomes ascendant, in so far as it is not otherworldly, must necessarily set its stamp upon the methods and administration of the law.

He had come so far, endured so much, a stunning victory of Koranic proportions merely days away but now snatched from his grasp, the crudest of fates.

His greatest success as a manager so far came in Spain, where he managed Real Madrid twice, Real Sociedad three times, as well as Deportivo La Coruna and Real Murcia.

Furthermore, the difficulty and expense of experimental work with large aquatic animals has so far prevented some tests and limited sample size and rigor in others.

I do get asked to do things and so far I’ve been happy to do them.

The Javelina is an animal peculiar so far as I know to Spanish America.

Smith Barney, for example, goes so far as to shift the hours during which taxi rides home are expensable as nighttime lengthens and shortens, says Moszkowski.

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Produced by: Minusblue /
Director: Linnea Nam
Composers: Binz
Project Manager: Vu Ha Quan
Music Producer: Sohi 2S Studio
Instrumental: TowerzBeat
Director of Photography: Iliya Gegov
Gaffer: Shane Seibel
Drone operator : Minh Nguyen
Editor/Stunts: Jon Miguel
Colorist: Daniel Woiwode
1st AC: Anthony Perella Jr
2nd AC: Scott Baker
Grip: Edgar Aragon
Wardrobe: Hoang Quynh
Make up: Audur Jonsdottir \u0026 Camille Dupin
Talent: Lyssa Roberts
Associate Producers: Phuoc Le, Bo Ngo, Elvis Le
Special thanks to: Nem Restaurant
Space speakers
Lyrics :
Bạn em thấy, tối hôm đó anh bước bên ai
Cả hai đều say , anh mang túi xách cô ấy trên vai
Em thấy những tin nhắn
Vẫn muốn tin a
Không quan tâm em đúng sai
Một khi đã trao trái tim đó cho ai
yêu cuồng điên, ko biết cách dừng lại
Đừng nghe trai tim nói
Đừng theo trái tim bước
lại đưa em đến với những nỗi đau
Vì ta chưa hề đậm sâu no no no
Ko thể bền lâu lâu lâu lâu
Đừng khóc ướt mi hết
Đừng ngốc đến như thế
Tình yêu a ko có đâu
Yêu thương sẽ mau phai
Rồi em sẽ tìm ai
Vay mượn bờ vai
Ko phải là anh
Anh phải say bye , ye bye bye
Chưa hề đậm sau oh oo
No no no no no
Đến với a có lẽ là điều tồi tệ nhất
Một ng con gái như em quá nhiều điều để mất
Ko như anh, chỉ có, đôi câu thơ , em là
Thanh xuân , nước mắt ,nỗi đau , mơ
Đâu thể cho trôi di như cơn gió
Baby em đừng trông mong chi nơi đó
Anh ko hề quan tâm
Bên a càng thêm đau
Thêm vài ba câu
Cũng ko gần nhau đâu
Vì ta chưa hề đậm sâu no no no
Ko thể bền lâu lâu lâu lâu
Đừng khóc ướt mi hết
Đừng ngốc đến như thế
Tình yêu a ko có đâu
Yêu thương sẽ mau phai
Rồi em sẽ tìm ai
Vay mượn bờ vai
Ko phải là anh
Anh phải say bye , ye bye bye
Chưa hề đậm sau oh oo
No no no no no
Vì nơi sâu trong anh, sâu nhất nhất trong anh
Nơi anh chẳng để ai đến
Có lúc em từng qua
Và em ko như những cô gái đi ngang qua a chẳng thể nao kể tên
Có phút a nghi minh yêu em
Em cũng biết rồi mai ,a sẽ thuộc về người khác
Em là bài tình ca, nhưng a ko phải người hát
Em cứ ghép tên anh vào , niềm đau
sorry Baby, chưa hề đậm sâu
Ta chưa hề đậm sâu no no no

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