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okay so we’re going to start this with asound check if you guys can hear me definitely let me know in the comments Iam looking thank you guys so much for your patience this is the firstprofessional type thing thank you okay so now you guys can hear me hi I amAngelina welcome to BlueprintDIY where we remake our clothes to be asunique as us today we are going to talk about the last six months of things thatI have purchased based on the runway shows that I saw in the spring so it isFashion Week and we’re gonna be seeing what’s going to be in the stores in thespring but six months ago they told us what will be in the stores in the fallso for the last six months I watched those shows when they came outand I’ve been I held them in my head to fake my favorite things and I’ve beenpicking up things over the last six months every time I go to the thriftstore of things that I want to upcycle so we have a little thrift haul of thethings that I am planning on upcycling for this fall winter season as well as Iwanted to share with you guys and those who were on the first live you guysalready saw this I’m so sorry that you have to see it again but I actually havethe chat on the side so thank you guys so much I’m gonna try to I’m trying notto split my attention too much until the end but thank you guys so much for beingpatient and hanging out with me so we’re gonna start that runway show again itwas probably a little bit fast anyway so you can get another look at it but likeI was saying before although you couldn’t hear me but I just reallyreally like this Jacquemus dress because it exemplifies for me everything thatfashion is about just like she’s not what this girl is not worried aboutwhether she has a food baby whether her figure is on point she’s walking like Idon’t care you know I know I look good with her one earring which is atrend and I just love it I’m here for it the cream color the flow I love it andthen again this flowy one-piece I saw a lot of one pieces on the runway in thepast season and so I’m like all here for you guys know I like a go on one pieceand then this bag right here with the ginghaminset is amazing and her dress just spoke to me for some reason I justreally really liked it and then the leopard print bag and this color you’llsee it again it’s one of my favorites and her bag with the green and mustardand then here with the green flowy dress with the jacket which I found a similarjacket if you watch that thrift challenge you saw that jacket and I’llshow you again today but also this flowy pant setI love the flow just the way things moved in the runway shows that I saw forthe Fall and then for this one I didn’t know whatspoke to me about it until I got closed up and I saw the sweater and this isactually Chloe I’m gonna set up a little bit but I love that white peak thatyou’ll see in the inset on the hips and again right here you see that white peakon the inset on the hips I really really like that I like the details just payingattention to the details and how things flow and how they fit and how they lookyou know on you so I am all here for it and I just put this one in for grantscuz she walking like yeah I’m a pony and I don’t care but again that mustardcolor with this dress which I think you could totally find in a thrift store butlook at her shirt like her long but not amazing and then this leather with thesleeves the way the sleeves are and then the Blazer coming out I really like Ireally like layering that which is why I follows my favorite and again here withthe blazer underneath I really really like that and then they did it againhere as a dress and then again with the leopard and the leather coming down themiddle I really really like that and all the cool girls you know I really reallylike her glasses I think those are probably sunglasses maybe but I wantthem as glasses I really really like that and then this with the vest andlike the menswear inspired but the two-tone vestreally really like that how many times can I say reallyand then the grommets which I just did a tutorial with grommets and you’ll see itagain you know throughout the fall winter season and this coat from allcomes from nothing is one of my favorites it’s like so simple I likewhen people do simple things that just make a big difference and putting thegangam with the I mean the houndstooth with that color is amazing and then thisone with the kind of gold flaking coming off of the coat which like somebody tooka paintbrush of gold and took it across the coat I just thought that that wouldbe really simple to recreate and I really really like itagain really and this coat with the sleeves once it gets closer you’ll beable to see how the sleeves are kind of pleated and they have like gold buttoninsects in them I really thought that that was inventive and again this coatagain and you’ll see on one sleeve just one sleeve it has the other print whichI love and then it’s an all white with the flowy pants which they look likethey’re a sweater weight so I really really like that really and I this lightthing is harder than you guys think and this one has the two-tone denim it lookslike they just took the denim and flipped it to the other side they evenhave an exposed scene coming down the leg on the flip side and I actuallyreally like that and then this in the lavender which was the color of theseason and those silhouette of that skirt the top that’s kind of like theone I have on now love it with the band the purse strap coming across and ofcourse all the cool girls from Dior with the sweaters and the plaid bottoms Ireally thought that that was a good inspiration for the Fall and themetallic you’ll see that again metallic was big and look at the denim underneathshe has that metallic on top of dinner was just like styled in us totally 70scool vibe but look at the embroidery I can’t embroider but I just think thatthat is really spot on us all of you who can embroiderimprove embroider some denim and it’s gonna look amazing then Michael Kors hadthe ultimate cool college girl vibe going on with the colored plaid and redand yellow the sportswear underneath the Cape it was really cool Ithought it was really fresh I liked his his runway show this year it was reallynice and the colors I mean it was really good yellow with the yellow firm andthen Sport max of course I would like sport max because I like sport clothesand how you juxtaposition them with more elevated style the color blocking I loveit and then for this Phillip Lim look at the bag look at the insect once again inthe back I love that and then the sweater kind of off the shoulder withthe flowy you know it’s just the mixing of things that I really really likereally and then tie on the sleeves amazing the way she styled amazing it’sjust like yeah I woke up I got dressed I don’t care you know and I tried this onewith a trench coat to make a one-piece set and I failed I probably will nevershow you guys I know you probably want to see my fail but I probably will nevershow you but I did try them but I love it I like this bomber jacket but it’sjust so intricate the colors the patterns I absolutely love it thissweater the color the double zipper the weight style the city on again thechartreuse faux fur love it the tie and the waist of the flowy dress and againthe metallic of her skirt with the sweater the loose sweater is just nofood baby I don’t care you know I can eat what I want and this looks like theyjust took paint and make hold on the trench coat something totally that we asDIY fashion makers could do and then the quilted on the bottom of this blazeramazing this mesh dress with the leather pockets amazing just love it and thiswas my favorite show this is a last one this is my favorite showbecause of the color blocking I love the colors together you guys know that Greenis my favorite color if you didn’t know it Green is myfavorite color and just any colorway of green and this show oh my gosh it’s justI don’t know it just took my breath away I love the mix of pattern and texturethat quilted jacket with the leather and then you see the stripes on the insideand outside of her pants as she walks past this coat with the quilted loved itand then they just in this show so well with this dress oh my gosh so amazing Ireally really it’s just I not put the thing together and I and I’m happy towatch it again it’s just so much inspiration because on runway shows yousee you know it’s not necessarily something that people will walk down thestreets wearing but you get to see like the highest of what is in people’s mindsand so I just think that it’s absolutely amazing to watch so I am going to showyou guys what I got in the last six months that kind of corresponds thethings that I got that correspond with this and the things that I’m lookingforward to it upcycling so if we’re all in a great agreement that you guys canhear me I’m gonna show you guys first up this sweater and it’s like more of ayellow but it has a little bit of that citrine on color I really really likelet me sit down I like how you know just the texture of this sweater thecrisscross and so I don’t know whether I’m gonna cut it up and up cycling orwhether I’m just gonna wear it like this but I wanted to show you guys because itis a pop of color and most of my stuff is not like super powerful but but thatis and then I have these pants and I just like these pants they are longenough so if they’re long enough for me they’relong enough for me to do something with them they are pleated pant and it isthese are from Clifford and Willis I don’t know that brand but everythingthat I got was two dollars or less you guys know I’d like to throw the outletand especially for things that I’m going to cut apart and remake basically goingto a third store as a fabric store I definitely go to the outlet not that Icouldn’t go to the regular store but I like to use the outlet for that sothat’s those fans I love the color of them it’s just like a really nice fallcolor and then in green my favorite and this is corduroy and these are just apair of pants and they have just a elastic waistband and yeah I justthought the elastic waistband is not optimal for a pant as you know they feelgood but it doesn’t necessarily make your waist look the best so I definitelyi’ll definitely probably be cutting these up and using this corduroy forsomething else and then i know you know you guys aregonna be like what are you going to do with that bright pink that bright pinkbut i am going to use this somebody challenged me and i get a lot ofrequests but someone challenged me to turn some pants like this these likerunning pants or track pants into a top so that is what i am going to attempt todo i will be showing you guys this whether i feel or whether i don’t i’llbe showing you guys this so you can look forward to that in the future and i’mgonna remake it in a way that is for fall okay so next up we have more platterhoundstooth and this is Evan pecan I get a lot of their stuff from the thriftstore and of course you know you can tell I really like this but I just thinkif you can find it and pick it up well you saw the coats with it everything youknow has it so it’s always nice to have some of this in my collection so Ireally really like to have that okay so now this I have a small confession tomake I actually got these at the outlet for my $2.

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00 thrift haul or you know my20 dollar challenge I didn’t show them to you guys because I felt a little bitembarrassed of buying something this big not because it’s this big but I knowthat some people have a hard time finding things at the thrift store and Iin no way I’m trying to limit like other people from finding what they need atthe third store everybody deserves to find what they need but I did get itbecause I thought that it’s a pair of man’s pants and it’s just a lot offabric you know and so I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it but I love thecolor the stripes everything about this fabric so yeah so that’s my confession Itold you guys in the video where weren’t you guys wearing my thoughts if I gotsomething that wasn’t in the $20 this actually did fit within the $20 but Ididn’t show it to you guys but it is gonna be part of my upcycle okay so nextup I’ll show you guys these two together this is I can’t even read thatmirror mirror image probably something cheap something or other I don’t knowbut of course it’s the mesh and I really like the flaking you can see like it’slike little black flecks in it I don’t particularly care for this button but Ithought that this fabric hats to be used with something and then thisis my velvet t-shirt and I am ready to cut it up I used it I wore it actuallyjust as a t-shirt for a long time it’s always been kind of big on me but Ithink I’m ready to cut it up and use it as something else it’s not this it’lldefinitely be something like more velvet like this because I have this in greenas well so it’ll either be this or the green okay so next up is the Christopherthis is from Christopher banks and it is a jumper it’s a really cute jumper andit actually could have been part of you know any of those collections but againthis kind of this wool material the buttons are really nice like a reallyclassic vintage button so I am really excited to just I’m either gonna do Idon’t know something simple or completely taking it apart and making itinto something else I’m not sure yet but it is definitely going to be part of myfall winter up cycles okay so I never showed you guys this I gotthis last year at the outlet and the only reason it doesn’t fit me just as acoat is this sleeves are too short which I see a lot of models on that runwaytheir sleeves are too short but it doesn’t make me feel comfortable so I’mnot sure how I’m going to use this but I love this jacket I love this coat andI’m going to use it in some way shape or form them not exactly sure how but Ilove the color has the d-ring belt on it and the brand is corylus so I amdefinitely gonna use this in some way shape or form we saw from Sport Max onthe video that they use a lot of puffer coats and stuff with their sportyelevated vibes I’m gonna do something with it okayand if you guys have been following me for a long time then you’ve seen thisbefore I got this I think I want to say and like the $1 haul and it is basicallythe inside it’s the lining of a coat some type of coat trench coat some typeof coat and I love that it has like the zipper edge I think that that’s a reallycool detail kind of like the quilted vibe down here I don’t know if I’m gonnakeep these sleeves or not but I think that this season is the season to dosomething with this I plan to do something with it a while ago but Inever be I have no idea even what the brand of the coke is it has absolutelyno tags but I you know I think it was definitelyoh here’s the tag thermal light so I don’t know but I’m looking forward tousing I think it’s a good a good piece for upcycling okay so these next twodresses this one I bought purely for the plant I think it doesn’t even have anytags I think it was made by someone but I saw that there was a lot of plaid onthe runway and so I started grad grabbing not as much plate as I couldfind but just the plants that I kind of you know we’re feeling so this was oneof the items and it is a long dress so that’s plenty of plant to use as anupcycled and then this was giving me a lot of Chloe like more of a Chloe vibeand I can fit this dress but I don’t like the way it looks so it definitelyneeds a lot of something but I’ll figure it out because I do like this classicprint here but you know it’s still a vintage dress so you know the waythey style benches now is not like straight out of the 70s it’s done adifferent way which I really like so I want to add some of those elements to it okayso next up is this just oh navy dress that is more of that deep mustard colorthat I saw so much and like I said it has you know plenty of fabric it hasthese little tassels trim that I could figure I could reuse and it’s pleated atthe front so I thought that that was you know good material to use and then Ihave this super long super super long sweater dress and it’s purple whichpurple is not my favorite color but this is more of a plum it’s like a very deeppurple and I don’t know what I’m going to do with this dress it may be likesomething really simple or maybe like cut it up and use it for something elsebut I just really like this dress it’s Dana Buchman and I think this issomething like this brand I’ve seen it like Macy’s or something like thatbut it’s too big for me but I really I really like this dressso but that’s not it I’m gonna show you I have some a couple of trench coatsthat are too heavy to hang on this on this rack ok so we have 2 men’s Blazers and this iswhat I was thinking of using for you know that double that half and half lookso you can cut one off and cut the sleeve cut you know and combine them insome way shape or form that’ll give you that vibe so that’swhat I have for that and then I found this really I mean it’s heavy but it’sreally nice weight trench coat and this one is that’s in so that’s a really goodbrand but again the sleeves are too short soyou know I figure it out but again we could I could cut the sleeves off ofsomething else and put them on here and just do different things to make it looknice and I could also do that whole I wouldn’t put code but I could do thegold flaking or writing something on it to you know really elevated that willlook nice and then again like I said I was pickingup a bit of plaid and this was one of the things I picked up I put this downlike five times because the plant is so strong on this but it’s one of thosepieces where I knew that if I needed it I would never find it again and so I gotit it may end up getting rido nated you guys let me know what you think but yeahit’s one of those pieces that a lot of times I regret so I went to hear it andand then last up is my bomber jacket which I’m not gonna cut up I’m justshowing you because you know this looks so similar to some of the things that wesaw on the runway so and I wasn’t even thinking about it when I was doing thatvideo I think I was really annoyed because it was hot in there but yeah soI’m excited to have that because after going back and watching some of thoseshows I realized how you know how much it’s gonna be really in style thiscoming up falling winter so I see you guys comments and I want to say thankyou guys so so so so much for hanging out with me what do you guys think ofthe runway shows our do you guys watch runway shows is that something that youdo in order to get inspiration either for you know buying clothes or forupcycling things or do you is it something that you guys just don’t payattention to let me see in the comments okay somebody said yes please create thegold jacket but go paint effect on the coat somebody said they love the bomberjacket and I’m gonna actually put the chat up here so you guys can see on thevideo all the chat but yeah so if you guys want to you know like oh wow yeahif you guys want to make more comments and have me address them okay somebodysaid they mostly search on the web like Pinterest I definitely use Pinterestdefinitely use Pinterest I have a Pinterest board which actually if youwant to see some of the things that are my thought process or things that’scoming down the line you can follow Pinterest and I’ll follow you guysPinterest too cuz I love Pinterest not a lot of people use it but for fashion Idefinitely use it so I’m looking forward to what Pinterest is going I mean andPinterest will show the runway shows like the different blogs that areposting about the runway shows and thank you guys so much and comments are sonice especially after I’ve messed up the whole sound you guys are amazing so andsomebody said that they use my my shows as inspiration thank you guys so muchbut I didn’t want to make this video too too long I just wanted to kind of hangout with you guys this Saturday and hopefully we can do this again as amatter of fact I want you guys input just like I can do videos on here we areall drifters or I’m assuming so that most of us thrift and I want to know youguys most crazy thrift encounters like the craziest thing that has happened toyou in a thrift store and that’s gonna be our next live video so be looking outfor me I’m gonna put it on either Instagram Facebook or the feed here onyou because I want you guys videos I wantyou to record yourself telling me the story it’s gonna be a story time so Ihope you guys are excited about that because I’m excited to hear you some ofyou guys stories I have two in particular that I’m gonna tell to youguys so we can all share our stories together so I hope you guys have enjoyedthis video I hope you’ve enjoyed hanging out with me and I look forward to seeingyou guys soon and the next one definitely wants some more videos if youare live or are you watching this and replay if you want to see how to remakeclothes if you’re just learning I have a playlist for you and if you want to seemy top 10 things or some through photos I definitely have a playlist for you soI will see you guys in the next one bye.

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