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Trade Coin Club

Cryptocurrency trading software is becoming a common cover for running a scam. Promises are made about how effective the software is to lure you into a Ponzi scheme and a recruiting pyramid scheme.  My followers have requested that I take a look into the Trade Coin Club.  Here is what I have found.

Trade Coin Club Scam Claims

First step you need buy our software for only 0.05 BITCOINS, and enjoy all the tools that our software has. Second your system start running from 0.01 BITCOIN! You have an opportunity to trade with more than 30 types of cryptocoins daily, in semi-automatic mode without running the risk of losing all your coins because you have our famous STOP LOSS button.

You can start make your dreams true with just 0.01 BITCOIN! and be part of this billionaire industry of Cryptocurrency!

In a competitive billion dollar market to which only a few have the access to, TCC’s software is developed by a specialized team bringing the opportunity to anybody to start in the trading market of digital coins, obtaining automatic gains in three levels of risk our semi-automatic in 30 coins, with a little or no skills in the trading world!

(Grammar errors left in for your enjoyment.)

Trade Coin Club Review Exposes the Reality

Joff Paradise and Dover Braga are listed as Trade Coin Club founding partners. The Trade Coin Club website domain tradecoinclub.com was registered in August, 2016.

Previous to Trade Coin Club Joff Paradise was a promoter of the Jeunesse MLM scam.

Previous to Trade Coin Club Dover Braga was a promoter of the Vizinova pyramid scheme that was shutdown by the SEC and the Jeunesse MLM scam.

Two company incorporation certificates are provided by Trade Coin Club but both of them are for different company names and they are registered in places where scams are commonly registered: Belize and Vanuatu.

It looks like Trade Coin Club purchased a shelf company that was inactive and then registered another company in 2017. This is to give you the impression they have been running since 2005.

Ryan Conley went on to say after his visit that he believed Trade Coin Club was a scam.

In my opinion, Trade Coin Club is a standard Ponzi scheme.  You give them money to invest and they give you money in your account as long as new investors can be found. There is no actual proof that Trade Coin Club is doing any significant amount of trading.

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Trading is handled 100% by the Trade Coin Club (TCC) system. One does not need to be an expert – a huge plus – or do anything after initial signup other than set a trading risk level once a week, and roll earnings back into the Wallet Exchange if so inclined. It is exciting to participate in the digital trade world, and make passive income daily. – Source tradecoinclub-vn.com

Here are the steps of this scam:

TCC Step #1: Determine Entry Level
TCC Step #2: Purchase Bitcoin
TCC Step #3: Register Account
TCC Step #4: Complete Your Profile
TCC Step #5: Fund Your Plan
TCC Step #6: Set Trade Work On
TCC Step #7: Re-Invest Your Earnings

They also allow you to recruit your friends a family into this scam.

As with any Ponzi scheme you will have people that make some money back when they invest. When new investors can’t be found the vast majority of people will lose money.

If you say anything they don’t like about them or join another cryptocurrency company they can cancel your account:

Trade Coin Club reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your access to any or all Trade Coin Club Web Sites, back office and the related services or any portion thereof at any time, without notice. Reasons for termination include but are not limited to: Defamation, Slander or Libel of Trade Coin Club or other members. Joining another company that promotes digital or crypto currency products in violation of these terms and conditions. – Source tradecoinclub.com

Here are a few comments about the Trade Coin Club scam:

1. On May 17, 2017 I’ve invested $580; (0.25btc for membership 8month + SOFT FEE 0.05btc) total of 0.30btc, it goes to “YOUR” (“APPRENTICE PKG” =TOTAL DEPOSITED) just 0.25 btc, they keep the 0.05 which is fine to me. Now, they say to you to compound the daily interest (YOUR PROFIT) and send it to “YOUR” (“APPRENTICE PKG” =TOTAL DEPOSITED) in order to increase your deposit, (0.25) and every day you do think that your deposited amount is yours and IS NOT, you can not withdraw from the deposited amount, you only withdraw from either the commission wallet or the trade wallet, the 25% of what you make is their tax, they keep it too, and the minimum to withdraw is 0.09 btc, the system is made for people who brings people which is ok but you need to have a time frame while you learn “TCC”, WHO is going to recommend somebody else, if you I didnt trust after seen videos of fighting, discussions of ex tcc members and their leaders. I dont know how I made this mistake, took me $580 to learn no TCC, to learn SCAMMERS like them.

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2. How about informing people about the 25% tax before they reinvest everything so that they don’t get blocked and their bitcoin stuck. This seems to be happening to A LOT of people. We would pay but with the constantly pushed reinvestment we did and now we have no bitcoin in our trade wallets to pay the tax. Our bitcoin is STUCK until we PAY money WE DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO and that catch 22 is NOT generally disclosed unless someone reads the fine print or has a VERY HONEST sponsor. What can you do to help all of us that have bitcoins stuck but all in TCC and are now unable to pay or access OUR OWN MONEY in TCC????? BBB filing going in…

3. I have an account on TCC, I’m very frustrated now. Initially, the trade tax was deducted after the cycle but they changed the tax deduction daily. If the capital is small, it’s hard to grow your earning especially if no recruit to join your team. but then they update again the withdrawal limit from 0.03btc to 0.09btc. Wtf! when your contract is over and you can not reach 0.09btc then you can not withdraw it. You will be forced to upgrade to a new contract, what if you do not want to continue? You have no choice but to let go. My hard-earned money suddenly disappeared.


The first step is you need to buy their software for 0.05 Bitcoins. Then invest more Bitcoins to reach the various levels in the compensation plan.


0.01 Min. Bitcoin Initial Deposit
0.99 Max. Bitcoin Deposit
0.05 Bitcoin Membership Fee
Stop Loss: 0.35%
Contract: 8 months
Indirect: 3 Generations
Team Bonus: 8% – 2BTC Per Day


1.0 Min. Bitcoin Initial Deposit
4.99 Max. Bitcoin Deposit
0.05 Bitcoin Membership Fee
Stop Loss: 0.40%
Contract: 12 Months
Indirect: 5 Generations
Team Bonus: 9% – 10BTC Per Day

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Senior Trade

5.0 Min. Bitcoin Initial Deposit
No Max. Bitcoin Initial Deposit
0.05 Bitcoin Membership Fee
Stop Loss: 0.45%
Contract: 12 Months
Indirect: 8 Generations
Team Bonus: 10% – 15BTC Per Day

Monthly Fees

  • Apprentice .015 BTC
  • Trader .030 BTC
  • Senior Trader .045 BTC

Compensation Plan

Trade Coin Club Commissions based on Referrals:

  • Apprentice – An apprentice affiliate gets 10 percent on level 1, 3 percent on level 2, 3 percent on level 3 and 1 percent on the fourth level.
  • Trader – Affiliates on the trader plan gets 10 percent on level 1, 3 percent on level 2, 2 percent on the third level and then finally 1 percent on level 4 to level 6.
  • Senior Trader – this plan seems to be huge though its capital is large too. An affiliate of this plan gets 10 percent on level 1, 3percent on level 2, 2 percent on level 3 and final 1 percent on level 4 to level 8

Refund Policy

When a Trade Coin Club Member applicant, enrolls and purchases a Membership or package, Trade Coin Club applies 45% of the membership value to the operations and administrative expenses and uses 55% to trade crypto currencies with third party exchanges. All memberships are refundable up to 50%, and members that decided to cancel their memberships will have to return all commissions made up to the date of cancellation, and the new club member or independent distributor agrees to that.

Trade Coin Club Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Trade Coin Club uses cryptocurrency trading software as a cover for running a Ponzi scheme. They provide daily returns on an investment that has no income other than new investor money. The owners of this company have a history of promoting scams. I would not trust them to invest money for me. They expand the amount of people in this Ponzi scheme by offering a recruiting program that pays a commission 8 levels deep. If you say anything they don’t like about them or join another cryptocurrency company they can cancel your account.  I would not invest my money in Trade Coin Club.


Total Score


Trade Coin Club uses cryptocurrency trading software as a cover for running a Ponzi scheme. Run away from these scammers!










  • Recruiting Scam
  • Fraud Owners
  • Ponzi Scheme
  • Unreliable Payout

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