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UniKey Online Download Windows 10 Online Vietnames

UniKey Online is recommended by the National Committee on Vietnamese Standards Unicode of the Ministry of Science and Technology for use in Vietnamese state agencies.

UniKey software is one of 5 open sources free software used to type Vietnamese (go Tieng Viet – Vietnamese) that are required for official use in schools as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training.

The latest Un iKey Vietnamese percussion can be installed on Windows operating system (Win 11, Win 10, Window 8, Windows 7) and Linux operating system (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE)

Uni Key free Developed by programmer Pham Kim Long, whose official website is unikey.org, UniKey for Windows was first released as a free program in 1999. UniKey quickly became popular thanks to its speed, its simplicity, and reliability.

What is UniKey?

Tai unikey soon became and is still the most famous Vietnamese accent typing program today. Today, UniKey can be found in most Vietnamese Windows PCs.

The main module of UniKey Vietnamese Input Method is open source and was first released as part of the x-unikey Vietnamese percussion for Linux in 2001. Since then, it has been integrated with the suites. Typing of many different operating systems and software frameworks. ibus-unikey (developed by Le Quoc Tuan, using UniKey core) is widely used in Linux distributions.

Since Mac OS X Leopard, released in 2007, Apple has integrated UniKey into the built-in Vietnamese percussion of Mac OS. Since 2010, this engine has also been integrated into Vietnamese percussion available in iOS (starting from iOS 4.0). Therefore, UniKey is now running on all iPhones and iPads with Vietnamese percussion. Tai unikey ve may tinh

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  • License
  • Free of charge
  • Communication
  • Windows
  • Update day
  • October 15, 2020
  • Publisher
  • Pham Kim Long
  • Downloads
  • < 100
  • Capacity
  • 498 KB

Features of Vietnamese percussion UniKey 4.3 – Unikey 2021

Right from the first versions, Unikey has supported many Vietnamese code boards, including Unicode built-in, Unicode complex, TCVN3 (ABC), VNI Windows, BK HCM1, BK HCM2, Vietware-X, Vietware-F, VPS, VISCII … Gradually, however, over time, some code boards became unpopular, even very rarely mentioned. So if you are a new user or office resident, you only need to pay attention to 2 unique code tables: Pre-built Unicode and TCVN3 (ABC).

In addition to supporting the Vietnamese code tables above, Unikey is also a powerful tool for programmers because it allows you to type character strings based on some unique Unicode encryption methods such as X UTF-8, UTF-8 Literal, NCR Decimal, NCR Hexadecimal, NCR Hex, Unicode C String.

Unikey also supports Microsoft’s Vietnamese locale CP 1258 standard – a less common code board but quite good support for Vietnamese characters appearing in input forms, macro writing, Visual Basic programming on Microsoft Office suite such as Word, Excel, Access.

Unikey Supports the 5 most common Vietnamese typing styles: TELEX, VNI, VIQR, Microsoft style, and self-definition style. Most Northerners prefer Telex typing; Southerners prefer VNI typing. The rest are less common.

  • Uni Key supports:
  • Multiple Vietnamese character sets/charsets:
    • TCVN3 (ABC), VN Unicode, VIQR
    • VNI, VPS, VISCII, BK HCM1, BK HCM2, etc.
    • Unicode UTF-8, Unicode NCR Decimal/Hexadecimal for web editors
  • All three popular input methods: TELEX, VNI, and VIQR.
  • All Win32 platforms: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2000, XP, 9x/ME.
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Uni Key is a very compact tool that doesn’t need any extra libraries and shouldn’t be installed. UniKey version 4.3 RC5 better supports the new Edge browser.

  • Setting up Uni Key Keyboard

When you start Uni Key, you see the following dialog box:

UniKey interface

Click the “Expand” button to find out what you need.

Check that the “Vietnamese interface” box is checked. Uncheck it, and the whole interface will switch to English.

You should always set “Encoding” to Unicode. The encoding is how characters like “u” and “a” are represented as numbers that a computer can process. Microsoft Office programs are set up to handle Unicode by default. Unicode is considered an international standard. The only exception to this is when you use one of the old VNI fonts from years ago.

“Typing” is what a key combination would form a character like “u.” You can choose from TELEX (shared), VNI, and VIQR. There is also a “Tutorial” button that gives you help in Vietnamese.

Finally, the “Boot with Windows” option. If that’s your machine, you’re free to choose it. If it is someone else’s machine, then the article advises you not to do so.

Then click “Close.” The program will now be on the taskbar – unnoticed but still available when you need it.

Why is it safe to download Unikey on this website?

With tireless efforts throughout the years, we are always up to date with the latest installations, safe, well compatible, and running steadily on every computer. Unikey’s servers only allow limited running of static files (HTML, CSS, JS, PNG/JPG) and containing some installation files (.exe, .zip) for download without running any cms or scripts. UNIKEY website.

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Vietnam also coordinates and receives the enthusiastic advice and support of security experts to check regularly to prevent, detect and eliminate any intrusions and interventions to ensure the safety of millions of computers using Unikey Vietnamese percussion in the territory of Vietnam as well as in many countries around the world such as the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, South Korea

UniKey Online Download Windows 10 Online Vietnames
UniKey Online Download Windows 10 Online Vietnames

Unikey User Guide

To type Vietnamese with a mark, you must type the main letter first, then type the bar marks, hat marks, hook spots. Different Vietnamese typing with accents will prescribe extra keystrokes for bar marks, hat marks, and hook marks. While you can type the signature key right after the original letters, this can easily lead to inconsistent unmarking. For example, math can be written in ser. With UniKey software, you should type the mark at the end of the word, and UniKey will always automatically put the correct effect on the necessary letter.

When typing in Vietnamese, the state of uppercase, lowercase depends on the SHIFT and CAPS LOCK keys. You have to use a capital font to get an accented uppercase with 1-byte code tables (TCVN 3, BK HCM1, VISCII, VPS). With lowercase fonts, you can only type non-fighting uppercases: Â, Ă, E, O, A, A, D.

When typing Vietnamese or typing Vietnamese, you can use the dashboard of UniKey 4.0, Unikey 4.2, Unikey 4.3 to turn off the markless function at the end of the word.

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