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Bacchanal Buffet: $80 Caesars Palace Buffet worth it?

The Caesars Palace Búp Phê, now known as the Bacchanal Búp Phê, is one of the most highly rated buffets in Las Vegas. But at $80/person, is it worth it? In my humble opinion, it is not. The Búp Phê is absolutely not worth it at full price, so I’ll show you how to not pay full price so you can get a better experience.

The Caesars Palace Búp Phê price tops out at $80, plus tax plus tip. Tax is about $5-7 for this Búp Phê and then tip is about $5, so you’re looking at around $90 for a Búp Phê. If you’ve ever paid $90 at a really good restaurant, then go back to that restaurant! Because this Búp Phê is not worth $90.

In this post I’ll explain the Caesars Palace Búp Phê price tiers, mã giảm giá, groupons and hacks so you don’t have to pay full price. Most of the hacks are detailed on my Las Vegas Hacks post.

DANner time at the Caesars Palace Búp Phê

Caesars Palace Búp Phê Price and options:

The Bacchanal Búp Phê price varies between weekdays, weekends, Fridays, breakfast, brunch, dinner and special holiday weekends. Since this Caesars Palace Búp Phê is rumored to be one of the best, it’s definitely one with the highest Búp Phê prices in Las Vegas.

How much does the Bacchanal Búp Phê cost?

This table below lists all the different Bacchanal Búp Phê prices:

Búp Phê Prices
07:30am – 11:00amBrunch
11:00am – 3:00pmDinner
3:00pm – 10:00pmGrab & Go
(8-10:30pm ONLY)Grab & Go
(8-10:30pm ONLY)MONDAY –
$39.99$44.99$64.99FRIDAY$39.99$44.99$64.99SATURDAY &
Y$54.99$59.99$64.99Special Holiday

There are additional add-on Bacchanal Búp Phê prices:

All You Care To Drink

For an additional $19.99, you can get unlimited mimosas, wine, draft beer and sangria. It’s phrased as “All You Care To Drink” so you don’t go absolutely crazy on alcohol. I think you should focus on the food though and skip this add-on.

Skip The Line Pass at Bacchanal Búp Phê

For an additional $45, you can “skip” the line. This is great if you don’t want to wait in the 45-90 minute line. You also don’t need a reservation. If you have the money, it’s worth it I guess. But for me, I use the Caesars Diamond Status Hack to skip the line for free.

To use the skip the line pass, you just line up at the Bacchanal Búp Phê entrance for Seven Stars, Platinum, Diamond and Express. It’s to the left of the entrance.

Grab & Go: The Bacchanal Búp Phê Best Deal

The Bacchanal Caesars Palace Búp Phê price has a special section for Grab & Go (according to the official website). Grab & Go means you get a to-go box and you are allowed to fill it up with as many items as you can from the Búp Phê. This is the best deal you can get if you are NOT a super big eater. Grab & Go is only available for breakfast and for dinner from 8pm-10:30pm.

When I was at the Bacchanal Búp Phê, I did NOT see any signs indicating this was an option. BUT, maybe it’s because they don’t offer it as a dinner option until 8pm. This is a pretty good idea since they offer a lower price and they’ll have significantly lower food waste.

Had I known about Caesars Palace Bacchanal Búp Phê Grab & Go option, I would have just done this! When I’m at a Búp Phê, I eat until it makes me sick to justify getting full value from the experience. I can really only do 2 full plates so there’s not too much value for myself.

Strategy: A to-go box is composed of 2 sides. Leave the box completely open and fill up both sides as high as you can! The box won’t be able to close, but there’s no rule on the official Caesars Bacchanal website stating that the to-go box has to close. The only information stated is:

Your favorite items from Bacchanal Búp Phê now available to go! Fill a box and be on your way. 

You’re welcome.


Bacchanal Búp Phê Mã giảm giá

If you’re looking for a Bacchanal Búp Phê mã giảm giá, there isn’t one. But the next best thing to a Bacchanal Búp Phê Mã giảm giá, is a Groupon!

There is an “indirect” mã giảm giá you can absolutely use. Just get matched to Caesars Diamond Status and you’ll get an annual $100 dining credit that you can use at the Búp Phê and any other participating Caesars Entertainment restaurant.

Bacchanal Búp Phê Groupon

If you’re too stubborn to try the Caesars dimaond, you can get a discounted rate for the Búp Phê with Groupon. They dinner price is $55 with the Bacchanal Búp Phê Groupon and includes the Express pass. The deal is not bad, but it’s only valud for Monday-Thursday.

There are no Bacchanal Búp Phê Groupons for Friday-Sunday.

Weekend Dinner price at the Bacchanal Búp PhêBacchanal Búp Phê 2-hour time limit reminder

Bacchanal Búp Phê for free!

You can pay the Bacchanal Búp Phê price of $65+ or you could pay the $95 annual fee for the American Express Hilton Suprass card. Alright, this sounds crazy, but I have another post on how to Status Match to Caesars Diamond Status that details everything very clearly.

The gist of it is that you get instant Hilton Gold Status with the credit card which comes with 125k Hilton Hotel points. Those points can be worth over $2000 by when used to it’s full potential. You’ll then need to status match:

Hilton Gold -> Wyndham Diamond -> Caesars Diamond

Caesars Diamond status gets you to the front of all restaurant, Búp Phê, and all other Caesars Entertainment property lines. Additionally, the Caesars Diamond status GIVES you $100 dining credit you can use at any of their properties, which I used to offset the Bacchanal Búp Phê price.

Caesars Diamond Status also gets you:

  • miễn phí 4-night stay at the Atlantis Bahamas
  • miễn phí 2-night stay at the Caesars Blue Water Dubai
  • No resort fees
  • Discounted/free rooms at their Las Vegas Properties
  • miễn phí self-parking and valet parking

Bacchanal Búp Phê Line: Saturday Night 6pm

Getting In The Bacchanal Búp Phê

The Caesars Palace Bacchanal Búp Phê is divided into two lines: the line on the left is for elite members and guests that want to pay for the express line and the line on the right is for the general public.

Both lines are very misleading because it’s just the line to pay for the Búp Phê. After paying the Búp Phê admission, you’ll then wait in another line to be seated. Of course elite members and express pass holders are prioritized.

As a Caesars Diamond thành viên, I was able to pay for the Búp Phê with little wait. Then I ended up waiting in line to be seated for 15 minutes because there were about 20 other elite/express guests ahead of me.

For the Seven Stars ultra elite Caesars Rewards members, there was no line. I saw one guy directly walk in and get a seat immediately. Obviously, it comes at a high price since you can’t hack that level of status.

Bacchanal Búp Phê Wait Times For General Admission

If you don’t plan on using any of the advice in this blog post, you’re probably waiting in the Bacchanal Búp Phê entrance line. The line to get to the cashier and peak hours can take 45-60 minutes and then the line to get seated can take just as long. So it’s best to line up before you’re absolutely starving.

Can you make reservations at the Bacchanal Búp Phê?

You can make a reservation for the Bacchanal Búp Phê, but it comes at a much higher price. This Caesars Palace Búp Phê has the “Like a Caesar” experience where you have:

  • A Dedicated Reservation Time
  • All you can drink package
  • VIP Seafood Tower

Reservations are ONLY available for dinner (3pm-10pm) and is a combination of the Búp Phê price, All you can drink and the Express Pass. The Bacchanal Búp Phê reservation price:

  • Monday – Thursday: $119.99
  • Friday – Sunday: $129.99

These are per person pricing. Take a step back and really think if that’s worth the Búp Phê. Alternatively you can use the Bacchanal Búp Phê hack I mentioned and just eat there for free while skipping the line!

But, if you insist on making a Bacchanal Búp Phê reservation, you can do that at OpenTable.

The Caesars Palace Búp Phê Review

As for my personal review of the Caesars Palace Bacchanal Búp Phê, I don’t think it’s worth anything over $35 total for the dinner. Most of the food is just Instagram food, meaning it looks pretty but lacks substance. The Caesars Palace Bacchanal Búp Phê prioritizes appearance of the food rather than taste.

The food itself tastes good, but it’s not the BEST food you’ll ever have. For quality, the Caesars Palace Bacchanal Búp Phê is good and a step above other buffets. But for the equivalent price you can have a phenomenal meal at a nice restaurant.

Even though I saw many reviews touting the Caesars Palace Bacchanal Búp Phê the best in Vegas, things may have changed. My visit was for dinner on a Saturday night in January 2020.

Presentation: 9/10
Taste: 7/10
Value: 2/10 (based on full price)

Satay, Sushi, Scallop, Shrimp (4S)

Alternatives To The Caesar Palace Bacchanal Búp Phê?

Caesars Entertainment has several big hotels along the Las Vegas strip, each with a Búp Phê. They’ve create a “Buffet-of-Buffets” program which gives you 24-hour unlimited access to the Búp Phê at Paris, Rio, Harrah’s Flamingo and Planet Hollywood. There is a $35/visit add-on charge if you want to include the Caesars Palace Bacchanal Búp Phê for dinner.

Please note, it is FREE to sign up as a Caesars Rewards Thành viên which would give you an immediate discount on the Búp Phê of Buffets Pass.

Las Vegas Búp Phê of Búp Phê Pricing:

Búp Phê of Buffets PriceRegulars PriceThành viên PriceWeekdays$69.99$59.99Weekends$79.99$69.99Holidays$89.99$99.99Bacchanal Búp Phê UpgradeBreakfast$15/visit$15/visitBrunch$25/visit$25/visitDinner$35/visit$35/visitHolidays$45/visit$45/visit

If you’re visiting on a weekend, you could probably get a lot of value from the Búp Phê of Buffets deal if you start with a late dinner.

Búp Phê of Buffets List

Other questions answered:

Do you tip at the Bacchanal Búp Phê?

Yes! But tipping at a Búp Phê is slightly different from a normal restaurant experience. All the food is self serve except for the drinks. So you should only tip at the Bacchanal Búp Phê at your table with cash about $2-5/person. If you pay your bill with a credit card, you might instinctively leave a Bacchanal Búp Phê tip of 15-20% on the total price which is a lot! So bring cash and just leave it at your table when you leave as your tip at the Bacchanal Búp Phê.

Does the Bacchanal Búp Phê have lobster?

The Bacchanal Búp Phê does not have lobster. That would bankrupt any Búp Phê. To get your lobster fix, this Caesars Palace Búp Phê serves lobster bisque and lobster rolls.

Does the Bacchanal Búp Phê have crab legs?

The Bacchanal Búp Phê does have crab legs! They are cut open for you for easy access. There are two crab legs stations at this Caesars Palace Búp Phê that serve chilled lobster legs and another stations where you can get it HOT! I would recommend the hot crab legs station because it’s all freshly steamed.

How long is the wait at Bacchanal Búp Phê?

At peak hours from 6-8pm, the wait time at the Bacchanal Búp Phê can be anywhere from 45-90 minutes!

What is the best time to go to Bacchanal Búp Phê?

The best time to go to Bacchanl buffest is at 2:45pm! Lunch service stops at 3pm and dinner starts at 3pm. This gives you the dinner selection at lunch pricing which can save you $20 MON-FRI / $5 on the weekends/holidays. The best time to go to Bacchanal Búp Phê not only saves you money, but it also helps you avoid the large crowds and wait time!

Does the Bacchanal Búp Phê include drinks?

The Bacchal Búp Phê includes drinks in the Búp Phê price, but it’s only for non-alcoholic drinks. You can get crazy like me and order an Arnold Palmer (half lemonade/half iced tea). If you want all-you-can-drink alcohol, there’s an additional charge of $19.99.

How much is the Bacchanal Búp Phê Express Pass?

The Bacchanal Búp Phê express pass is $45/person. That’s paying $45 otherwise you wait in line for 45-90 minutes at peak hours.

Where is the Bacchanal Búp Phê?

The Bacchanal Búp Phê is located inside Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip: Google Maps Location

How long can I stay at the Bacchanal Búp Phê?

The Bacchanal Búp Phê has a time limit of 2-hours. I’m not sure what happens if you try to overstay your visit, but I would expect they would just ask you to leave.

Overall (TLDR)

The Caesars Palace Bacchanal Búp Phê is honestly just Instagram food. The chefs at this Caesars Palace Búp Phê really focus on how the food looks instead of how the food tastes. Sure, the pictures you take will “LOOK” delicious on your Fb feed, but in my humble opinion I don’t think the quality of the taste justifies the price.

Bone Marrow / Truffle Ravioli

When you pay the Bacchanal Búp Phê price of almost $80 for a weekend dinner, you expect to leave saying, “The Bacchanal buffet was the best buffet of my life.” Instead, I left saying, “I can’t believe I paid the Caesars Palace buffet price of $80 just to see food.” That’s because a reasonable person knows they could get better value if they got the “Buffet of buffets pass” or just dined at Hell’s Kitchen (located at Caesars Palace).

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